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Jenny Laszlo: “Expo failed completely”


GUEST WRITER. Local Sweden Democrat politician Jenny Laszlo, who was recently attacked by the “anti-racist” website Expo after spreading information about the Allies’ terror bombing of Dresden, writes to Nordfront about how Expo’s attempt to destroy her has failed totally.

Jenny Laszlo (SD) and the image that caused Expo to attack her as a thought criminal.

A week ago I was contacted by Expo. I responded with what I thought about their “journalism” and that I had nothing to hide. Even though I knew that it wouldn’t lead to anything pleasant, I never expected how extreme the response would be after my suspension. Calls from the local newspapers were of course expected, but when the mainstream media started calling, I was surprised. I had not done anything criminal, and any evidence to suggest so was clearly absent. The response was thus based entirely on speculation and so-called guilt by association. But ordinary people are no longer good at source criticism, especially if they have not experienced fake news themselves.

When the first nasty comment came through on Messenger, I felt uneasy and prepared myself for an avalanche of hate mail. I was relieved when it stopped at just three messages from people who could barely spell their own names, and a cellphone call I hung up on because the individual was slurring their words so badly. Instead, support began to roll in. First from friends, then from people I haven’t heard from in a very long time, then random people and even from people from other political camps. Everyone realized that the suspension was spurious and the contempt for Expo was extreme. Many people didn’t even know who the organization was before this happened, some didn’t even know their name.

A week later, the story looks even more ridiculous. For my part, this has meant nothing but stress over the weekend because of the large number of calls from the media. Some not-too-bright folk probably still despise me, but of course those are not the kind of individuals I want to surround myself with anyway.

While this fiasco has been messing with my life, an incredible number of people have been researching what exactly happened in Germany during the war. I would never have been able to reach so many without Expo’s help. Thanks to them, a large number of individuals have opened their eyes to the fact that the war crimes were not as one-sided as alleged. I have been able to reach so many more people than I could ever reach through my simple Facebook page, where barely anyone pays attention.

Expo’s attack was about two things: to ruin my life for the simple reason that I had “incorrect values”, and to try to hurt the Swedish Democrats.

That proved to be a grave mistake.

I had already talked a little locally about leaving my job due to pregnancy; now I just did it a few weeks early. What the haters on the Left do not understand, however, is that people actually realize the difference between party and person. In addition, I was not fired and retain my loyalty to my local party comrades, which is appreciated by more radical voters.

With this, I would like to say that Expo in all likelihood succeeded in completing the absolute opposite of what they intended. I almost want to thank them, especially considering all the new opportunities that have arisen in the aftermath.

Thankfully, I can now sit back and watch how this organization is destroying itself.

– Jenny Laszlo

With Jenny Laszlo’s approval, we also publish a previous statement she sent to Nordfront’s news editor Simon Holmqvist when declining to participate in Radio Nordfront. Parts of the statement were read and discussed in RN DIRECT #137:

My mother came here from Germany as a child and learned early to deny her origin. The few times we have spoken about being German, she has responded with disdain for her own people. This was passed on to me, and I too was ashamed to be German, which, according to friends, automatically meant that you were a Nazi. This was still the early 1980s, but even then this view was deeply infected in society.

When I came to middle school, I was fed up with being ashamed of my heritage, and decided instead to be happy about it, making sure to learn the language properly, bringing with me German literature and so on.

Of course, I never questioned any of the re-written war crimes, but it had been so long that most who actively participated in the war had passed away. I couldn’t imagine how I could be held responsible for such an old war just because of my origins, when new wars were fought all the time. Now, a couple of decades later, I’ve been thinking about it. Politically, I feel that the Second World War has not really ended yet. Two generations later and the concessions are still far from over. It seems today that the Germans will never be free. What would make the world forgive them? Is it even possible?

As a person I am a little too empathetic. I am easily influenced and want to help people. After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, I wanted to go there and help rebuild, had I not had small children to look after. It did not get any better when I heard afterwards that all the millions people sent only resulted in a handful of sad little houses. We lived abroad then, and when we moved home to Sweden in 2011, I discovered that during the three years we lived abroad, a dramatic change had taken place in Sweden. I couldn’t believe it! Crime had reached my residential area; most people I knew had begun to feel it. The beggars were a complete shock. We had a camp of 140 Romanians just 100-150 meters from our home. They were harmless, of course, but everything else was unbearable. The children were threatened in the playground by foreign children and even by their black-clad mothers. They robbed our children, and people defecated on our property. It had only been three years. People had not begun to say that “this has always been the case” yet, but that was the feeling we got when we tried to talk to people. In addition, the increasingly narrow opinion corridor in Sweden became ridiculously obvious after living abroad.

During the so-called refugee crisis in 2015, I was as duped, as were many others. I collected clothes and other things for the poor kids. However, no organization wanted to receive the items because the “children” were not the size 25-30 that I had arranged, but were 40-45 instead. I contacted two different organizations to become a foster home, as I still thought it was actually children we were talking about. Both organizations independently rejected me, stating that I had daughters. I am very grateful for that. Had a 30-year-old stood at my front door and claimed he was 15, I would have said he had gotten the wrong address and closed the door. Somewhere my naivety ends.

I think it was about then that I decided it was time to start getting involved politically. I had been irritated by state contempt for the people for many years, but now it was starting to go too far.

In fact, I didn’t do it so much for my own sake. I am what some would call “privileged”, but also one of those who is not first to suffer from crises in society. Three years ago, a couple of 40-year-olds from Stockholm’s northern suburbs tried to trick my daughters into their car. The girls were 10 and 12 years old, respectively, and walked home from school early in the afternoon. But as I said, we were “privileged” – we looked for a new place to move to and the choice landed on an old house where there are hardly any buses. The only crimes we see are Baltic gangs stealing from building sites, but we don’t have to fear for our physical health. It is only a matter of time, of course, and we will have to move again. The dream is to afford a larger piece of land that can be shared with like-minded people, preferably off grid.

But I know very many who do not have the chance to move at all. They don’t even dare to dream about it, those who do not believe that they can actually affect the country’s future. It was actually mainly because of them that I wanted to get involved. Of course, also for the sake of my children, since the safe country of Sweden from my early childhood is now gone. My eldest daughter, despite her young age, has begun to say she thinks she needs to move abroad to have some prospects. Some of it will come from home, of course, but she is increasingly affected by the propaganda she is fed everywhere. We have no television, but other media is difficult to avoid. It’s even in school exams.

But to return to Nazism… I don’t remember when I started to explore anything other than the usual channels. The advancement of my understanding came in waves since I met my husband, who fled communism and always had a less black-and-white image of the war than ordinary Swedes. He talked about things that relatives had experienced, but if these experiences are mentioned publicly, you are lying.

He also explained that there were reasons why Hitler became a populist. It wasn’t propaganda that a crippled population fell for; he actually changed a ravaged Germany for the better and had tons of support before the war. These are facts, but forbidden to say. People would rather fool themselves.

The aforementioned shame had made me not want to hear about crimes against the Germans. It’s generally accepted that it’s irrelevant if the entire population of Germany had been wiped out – the world would have patted their bellies and grinned with the contempt seen today. It is indescribably disgusting. Although people are becoming increasingly angry with some ethnicities today, you never hear anyone calling for all of them to die. But civilians are usually innocent in war. It’s completely irrelevant what people think about wars and leaders etc. – the majority of citizens just want to live their lives in peace and quiet.

I may be wrong, but probably the same is true even in the cultures that are perceived as warlike, although there may be more there who want to wipe out or at least exploit others.

It was explained to me that my grandmother, who I unfortunately do not remember, had survived the bombings in Hamburg with her children by the skin of their teeth. Some media claims my family was wiped out in Dresden… something completely unknown to me! After all, it goes hand in hand with the other lies the media reported about me this past week. They also lie that I was kicked out of the party. I contacted the chairman myself in the municipality and told him what Expo had written and that I left my position partly because I shared an image of unknown origin, but mainly because I am pregnant.

Despite my connection to Hamburg, I have read a lot of literature about Dresden. This event seems to be the worst the people were exposed to during the war. The city was full of innocent people, many refugees, many women and children. The figure of 500,000 dead may be in excess, but the actual number was never the main thing (although the claim that only 25,000 died is absolutely ridiculous).

Dresden after the Allies’ terror bombing.

So we can all agree that none of us knows the exact number. But the source was Expo’s biggest problem. I wasn’t really aware of it, which is a mistake I made. As politically involved people, we must know about such things. It was a picture – there was no signature on it. I read Donald Duck comics my entire childhood, despite Walt Disney being both a racist and a Nazi sympathizer. I also gave away newspapers with them in – does that mean I’ve spread Nazi propaganda? For Expo it was enough, anyway. As well as for the vapid masses and those who usually claim the media is fake – no one checks what is actually true. Expo has not provided any evidence of my alleged crime.

The Dresden image shared by Jenny Laszlo.

Those who know me, as well as those who have asked, know that I often write about crimes against humanity, even more about crimes against animals and nature, for that matter. My experience is that if you even think about questioning it, or claiming that other genocides exist, it means you are a “Holocaust denier”. There can only be one, even though there are peoples who have been completely wiped out. This is interesting. It was such a terrible war crime and even today new victims come forward and testify to all the dreadful experiences, impossible to imagine, so there should be room to at least mention other crimes.

I have been told not to write about the war, but the question is whether that would help. Is it best not to write about any war at all? Best to just be quiet and agree with the Socialists?

When Expo rang, Anders Dalsbro asked if I had time to speak. I did not, I explained. I had just returned home and was busy with the children. Dalsbro, however, began to ask questions, even though I asked to come back later, and quickly became intrusive and extremely unpleasant.

Many people have heard from me and explained how good it is for me that I did not give in to Expo. It wasn’t something I really planned, to be honest. I’m just really bad at lying. So what would I have done? Apologized for Dresden being bombed? Start claiming that I do not deny something I have never denied? The fact that I explained to him that Expo is a bad organization is also true.

They also say that I was given the opportunity to answer questions. This is also a lie, of course. They claim they emailed questions to me, which I checked in the afternoon. There was no e-mail. After 18 o’clock I did not look again. I have four children of various ages. They need to eat, help with their homework, be taken to training etc., then it is bedtime. I am also nine months pregnant (which Expo was also very well aware of) and after the children went to sleep, I was exhausted, and I was only able to change clothes and fall asleep early. Later, I wanted to know where the “reporter” had gotten his skewed information, so I promised to reply to him in a private message on Facebook. He saw the message.

In the email Expo sent several hours after our call, he demanded a response before 11 the next morning, yet has the audacity to claim that I had a chance to answer questions.

Some questions I received were, by the way, pretty laughable in themselves.

I am accused of criticizing school textbooks, even though many schools themselves highlight this problem, yet I am expected to explain myself.

I’m not a big fan of George Soros. I think that he is pure evil. Believe me, it has nothing to do with his religious affiliation… all Swedes who have the full use of their brains should know that he is the reason behind our crushed economy in the early 1990s, just because he could. But as far as I understand, he is one of Expo’s sponsors, so when Dalsbro asks how I can “dehumanize a man” I am hardly surprised.

Jenny is not a big fan of George Soros, something which Expo attempted to hold against her.

On the other hand, left-wing extremists are hardly the right people to criticize others for dehumanizing them. I guess I don’t have to say it, but dehumanizing their enemies is the extreme Left’s speciality. In my case, it was enough for me to start working with the Sweden Democrats.

– Jenny Laszlo