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Jews plan to make Poland a Zionist homeland


RESISTANCE NEWS. Erik Forsell writes about the 2012 conference held by the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland and their plot to turn the country into a Jewish state.

The Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland (JRMiP) held a conference in 2012, discussing how Poland should be turned into a Jewish state. Now powerful Jews are discussing support to implement the plan, which has become increasingly obvious since the acceleration of mass-immigration into Europe in 2015. According to the plans laid out by the JRMiP, the Eastern European states which are ”refusing” to accept the influx of racial aliens are to become Jewish states. That is why the racially alien immigrants are led towards Western Europe rather than Eastern Europe.

In 2012 in Berlin, the first conference of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland (JRMiP) was held. The conference, which went on for three days, was supposedly about Jewish art and population development in Poland, the leading organizer of the event being the Israeli artist Yael Bartana.

In reality it was a Zionist conference in the spirit of Benjamin Theodor Ze’ev Herzl which was about how the Jews are intent on grabbing control of Poland and turning it into a new Jewish state.

The subject discussed was completely in line with Yael Bartana’s films, which have been shown at the art museums Louisiana in Humlebæk (where the showing was financed by Nordea), Moderna Museet in Malmö, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Tate Modern in London and at the international Venice Biennale.

Bartana’s film trilogy And Europe Will Be Stunned depicts 19th- and 20th-century Europe as a historic homeland of Ashkenazi Jews.

With the help of her political movement, she aims to promote the “return” of 3.3 million Jews to the supposed birthright of their predecessors, i.e. Poland. In her film trilogy, one of the activist actors exclaims:

Allow the three million Jews that Poland has lost to return to Poland, to your country! Heal our wounds and you will heal yours. We will be together again!

The Israeli political artist Yael Bartana. Photo: Raimond Spekking (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Yael Bartana says her art depicts ”a very universal history”:

As in my earlier works I treated Israel as a kind of social laboratory, and I always used an outside perspective. These are the mechanisms and situations that can be observed around the world. [These] works are not just a history of two nations – Poles and Jews. It is a universal picture of the impossibility of living together.

The final film in the trilogy is deliberately vague in its description of whether the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland is a complete hallucination, an artistic project, ”or maybe a concrete and constructive suggestion that will be implemented in Poland, Europe and the Middle East in the near future”, as the work was described during the Biennale Arte in Venice in 2011.

The Polish pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2011 was entirely composed of Jews.

Europe will be astonished

In addition to viewing Bartana’s political art, those taking part in the Jewish Renaissance conference of 2012 would see that it definitely is about a ”concrete and constructive proposal that will be implemented in Poland” and other parts of ”Europe and the Middle East”, and all ”within the near future”.

The proposal to the conference was signed by the sociologist and liberal political writer and activist Sławomir Sierakowski. In conjunction with which the manifesto of the Jewish Renaissance was published, which was to be the main topic of the conference.

Sierakowski used Bartana’s art projects as a slogan for the conference: ”And Europe will be stunned”. The Jewish Renaissance Movement does not hide the fact that they want artistic activity to translate into realpolitik.

“We believe there is no point in creating an artificial borderland between art and politics. Polish society is at present homogenous, unlike all other European countries. In our [that is, Poland’s] society there is a sort of void concerning the past, which should be filled,” said Sierakowski, whose chair stood empty during the entire conference for theatrical reasons (his character ends up being murdered in the epilogue of Bartana’s trilogy of films).

The manifest in Polish. Clickable!

Parts of the conference are published in the form of video clips. As late as this year these have caused a renewed commotion in Poland, because the debate is now raging – in some relatively narrow circles – about the real reasons why countries like Poland and Hungary are strong opponents of the invasion of black and brown races from the Third World.

The main focus of the Jewish conference really matches the politics of today very well: Racial aliens are supposed to invade the countries of Europe, apart from the countries that the Jews have chosen as sanctuaries for themselves, such as Poland, Hungary and Romania.

Scandinavia and Germany are some of the countries the Jews have rejected as sanctuaries for themselves, and are therefore planned to meet a multiracial doom through the actions of institutions like the UN and the EU.

This political course seems particularly obvious since the last wave of the invasion of racial aliens hit Europe in 2015 and is still going on.

According to the Polish net publication Odkrywamy Zakryte, the plan for the creation of a ”new Israel” in Central and Eastern Europe is that it shall be set up in an area encompassing most of the theoretical Intermarium. ”That is why this zone ought to encompass Poland, western Ukraine, former Czechoslovakia, Hungary, parts of Romania and Croatia”, they write.

Odkrywamy Zakryte are unfortunately quite unreliable most of the time and they don’t specify where this information comes from. All they do is reference statements from Henry Kissinger that he was supposed to have made the same year this conference was held.

According to said statements, Kissinger is supposed to have said that Israel will disappear as a state within ten years, in 2022.

But Kissinger’s purported statements are generally seen as fake news, despite the fact that the New York Post and the Israeli newspaper Haaretz have spread them.

Jewish power aesthetics in Yael Bartana’s visionary style.

Sweden is assisting the Jewish plans for Europe

Countries like Hungary and Poland are ostracized by the international community for being xenophobic opponents of immigration, but many people now suspect that the criticism against their policies is a targeted effort against the opposing nations.

That is also the case when the criticism is coming from top politicians like Annie Lööf and Stefan Löfvén who demand increased immigration to both Sweden and the countries opposing immigration.

It is claimed that these countries are opponents of immigration, according to the plans of the Jewish power elite.

The two party leaders mentioned above were – like Carl Bildt and Fredrik Reinfeldt – chosen to ”lead Sweden” shortly before or after having been summoned to the Bilderberg Group, where the Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger plays a key role. He also plays a key role in the private global interest group the Trilateral Commission, which Annie Lööf became a member of in 2017.

Henry Kissinger has his fingers in many pies.

The fact that Annie Lööf did not become prime minister in last autumn’s election most likely had to do with the commotion created by the facts surrounding the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.

She was therefore put ”on hold” and instead the government of Stefan Löfven was reformed in an undemocratic manner with the support of Annie Lööf – the so-called January agreement – which was motivated by the ”democratic” parties in the parliament wanting to prevent the ”undemocratic” Sweden Democrats from reaching a position of influence in the government.

“Sweden Friends” only see the symptoms – not the cause of the problems

Among the so-called “Sweden Friends”, who are generally opposed to immigration from the Third World, the leaders in countries like Poland and Hungary are held up as inspirations in terms of legislating immigration policies. The fewer immigrants, the better.

The leader of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, is seen by the radical elements of the Sweden Democrats as a shining beacon, being opposed to the invasion of racial aliens from the Third World and expelling subversive private political actors like George Soros.

The immigration limitations do not apply to Jews, however. They are free to settle wherever they want to. Virtually no Sweden Democrats see any problems with this. Jews often look like us due to historical race-mixing and are good at seeming well-integrated in their host societies.

Dan Korn, the famous Jew in Västergötland who worked as a rabbi in Manchester, can talk about ”us Swedes who eat Christmas ham” without arousing protests – while at the same time explaining that Swedish self-confidence has faced a negative trend in recent years.

Rabbi Dan Korn.

The reasons given include: ”In the past we used to be confident that we Swedes were the best people around; now we’re not so sure”, as if Jews would mourn the loss of confidence in Swedes.

That a Jew popular among the Sweden Democrat “patriots”, Kent Ekeroth, who previously held a high position in the Sweden Democrats, moved to Hungary when the situation in Sweden worsened for him is a telling detail. Hungary will be a future homeland for Jews like him, according to the plans of the Jewish Renaissance Movement.

Few people know – or would even care – that Viktor Orbán was appointed as prime minister of Hungary after a well-organised smear campaign directed against George Soros in particular, created by the homosexual New York Jew Arthur Finkelstein.

It wasn’t particularly hard getting the Hungarian voters to go along with the plans of Fidesz for limiting immigration from the Third World, as nobody wants multiculturalism if it afflicts them personally.

Viktor Orbán became Finkelstein’s final political project before he died.

Before that he guided his friend Benjamin Netanyahu to the position of prime minister in Israel after a smear campaign – in the form of a method which the journalist Hannes Grassegger refers to as the Finkelstein formula – against the then sitting prime minister and terrorist Shimon Peres, who was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994.

Arthur Finkelstein with his friend Benjamin Netanyahu in 1999.

The Jews have no problems

The above-mentioned Shimon Peres said in a speech on the 10th of October 2007 at the Hotel Hilton in Tel Aviv that the Jews have nothing to be worried about.

”We are buying up Manhattan, Hungary, Romania and Poland. As I see it we have no problems,” he said.

”It’s all happening thanks to Israeli talents and connections,” Peres continued.

The nationalist Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon reported at the time that Peres’ speech had provoked anti-Semites in Hungary.

”Extremist right-wing” politicians in Hungary indignantly warned that Israel wanted to take over the country, Makor Rishon wrote.

The earlier referenced allegation from Odkrywamy Zakryte, regardless of its accuracy, does not contradict what Peres has evidently said, the ambitions of the Jewish Renaissance Movement, or even what the perhaps most trusted Jew in questions regarding international politics – Noam Chomsky – says:

“Israel is on the way of imploding on its own.”

Noam Chomsky refers to the untenable terror politics of Israel as the reason for Israel’s dissolution. Odkrywamy Zakryte claims it is because the most important natural resource – drinking water – is about to dry up in Israel, something that Henry Kissinger has also been concerned about.

The pre-party of the Zionist extremists

With the help of Shimon Peres, we are able to understand that the historical support of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland and their plans to completely annex Poland as a Jewish state is not necessarily just a sick figment of the imagination created by a handful of Judeo-Marxist extremists with chutzpah.

On the other hand, the talks during the conference could be seen as quite typical of Marxist university culture. That is why a lot of the rationalisations regarding the demands for the restructuring of Europe sound like completely regular seminars at most universities.

The mood was relaxed for the most part, as is usually the case at university seminars where most people have almost the exact same opinions.

Marc Siegel, professor of avant-garde film-making and “queer studies” at the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt.

A former Israeli ambassador in Poland, Szewach Weiss, viewed the aspirations of the Jewish Renaissance Movement positively, even if he called it a ”fantasy”, since its manifesto has not been manifested in reality.

“Some of the postulates of this organization are quite surprising. For example, the one about giving the Hebrew language official status. Before the war the Jews of Poland did not speak Hebrew, only Yiddish,” Weiss said.

That one point of the manifesto, that Hebrew shall become an official language in Poland, means that the Jewish Renaissance Movement does not only wish to ”fill the void to the past” and recreate it, but that the people of Israel – that is, Modern Israel – should invade Poland.

The emblem symbolizing the conference of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland. UN/EU and the ”people of Israel” are devouring Poland.

The Renaissance Movement’s five political points for Poland

The manifesto which the Renaissance Movement launched in conjunction with their conference has five points in its program for the coming Poland.

1. Polish citizenship for all immigrants (that is, immigrant Jews).

Immediately giving Polish citizenship to all Jewish immigrants to Poland was suggested to be expanded into automatically handing out Polish citizenship to Jews with kinship roots in Poland – even to those not actually looking for citizenship – by simply sending out passports to them via mail from Poland to Israel and the US. This would mean they wouldn’t even have to go to an embassy to pick up their passports.

“It would really serve the goals for our agenda well,” said Michał Zadara, a Jewish director born in Warsaw who still regards Poland as a more or less anti-Semitic hostile country where too few Jews live. In 2007 he won the Political Passport prize, which is said to be the Polish equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize in New York.

3.3 million Jews could change the lives of 40 million Poles, was one of Sławomir Sierakowski’s thoughts before the congress. As an echo of Barbara Lerner Spectre who, from her ”occupation base” of Paideia in Stockholm, in 2010 said that multiculturalism will mean an enormous change for Europe which must take place, Sierakowski thinks that ”the changes which will transform Poland, Europe and the Middle East will be great and difficult to achieve”.

In order to finance the anti-white European project in favour of oppressed countries and areas, harsher copyright laws were suggested – a Holocaust copyright – which will make sure the profits of the Holocaust industry’s products – whether it’s about museum visits at Auschwitz or Steven Spielberg films – will go to Jewish development projects. Such a copyright would also prevent other historical genocides from competing with the ”Jewish Holocaust”.

The Freudian author and translator Boris Buden claimed that the entire ”European Project” cannot survive unless fresh capital is brought from China. Money from the existing EU is not enough, and a free market taking care of market concerns is not enough: Political intervention is needed.

This got support from several participants. Europe not surviving without China was the dominant view, even if critics claimed that the Europeans destroy everything for all other cultures when they expand into other areas and just grab everything for their own needs.

That is why China could become yet another victim of European colonialism, even if it won’t look the same as historical colonialism. Europe won’t be able to dominate China geographically. On the other hand China risks having damage inflicted upon it by European white power.

Fortunately other empires are stronger than Europe today, relatively speaking, so Europe could end up being doomed along with its people, which was seen as a good thing.

To look upon Europe as a ”project”, whether Buden sees it as a European or a Jewish project, makes Buden step outside of ”Europe” and does not intend to be a part of it. It’s not an historical habitat with living people having their roots in its soil. It’s a socio-economic project which will be taken over and profiteered from.

Throughout the conference, Europe and the Europeans were referred to as ”the others”, a concept which many of the more prominent participants could smile at, because the idea of ”the other” in norm-critical studies is often about the white man regarding other races and cultures as belonging to ”the other” and therefore creating an ethnocentric white norm which oppresses the rest of the world.

Michał Zadara, Jewish power film director.

2. Re-integration tax covering the cost of moving 3.3 million Jews to Poland.

Obviously the conference participants did not intend on letting taxes from working Jews in Israel and the US finance their own migrant invasion of Poland. Instead the Polish people will be taxed for that purpose.

Another alternative is that taxes will be taken from all the countries of the world.

The strongest suggestion was however put forth by Michał Zadara: that taking taxes from the Germans as usual is the way to go.

“Yes, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to tax the Germans, obviously, and it would mean a fantastic precedent in which one country taxes the citizens in another. It would be a wonderful international precedent, an absurd gesture that would be wonderful,” Zadara said.

The moderator for the day, Marc Siegel, assistant professor in avant-garde film-making and queer studies at the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt, emphatically agreed with this.

3. Hebrew as Poland’s second official language.

Koray Yilmaz Günay, an activist within the anti-racist gay lobby movement in Berlin and migration commissioner for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, demanded that there be no official languages in all of the EU. He says that national languages should be forbidden from being above Hebrew.

The subversive Jew and national economist based in Sweden, Marian Radetski, has for a long time been propagating for abolishing Swedish as a language in Sweden and replacing it with English. He thinks the same about the Polish language in Poland, his country of birth.

Sweden is a leading country in this matter, which for anti-racist reasons has consistently refused to turn Swedish into the official language in Sweden because it hasn’t been ”necessary”. On the other hand, Yiddish is an official minority language among others and it enjoys the protection of the law.

According to Günay, national languages maintain the idea of homogenous societies and homogenous cultures, which they can’t be because that creates war and conflicts.

In order to avoid anti-Semitism and oppression, Hebrew must at least be equal to the language that will replace all the national languages of the EU as the official language. Günay doesn’t say which language non-Jews in EU will be allowed to use publicly. Using English is problematic, because most British people have it as an identity-founding nationalist language.

The razing of national languages also razes the power structures which the bearers of these languages speak and write, in favour of an equal international culture.

Hebrew is supposed to be the language of the Jews because it’s natural for them. In addition it would have a re-vitalising effect on the Jewish community if the Jews were gathered around that particular language.

But Joanna Warsza, who lives in both Warsaw and Berlin, and is an activist for the Vietnamese population of Warsaw, thinks that Vietnamese is a better choice as an official second language in Poland, since the Vietnamese population today largely lives in the areas that made up the Jewish ghetto in earlier times.

That last bit was a detail in the discussion, but it shows that the language or minority Warsza is passionate about is not interesting to her in itself, but rather only for its connection to the experiences of the Jews.

4. Dissolution of the Polish state’s concordat with the Vatican.

The reason for this is that religion is a ”powerful weapon” in the hands of the Catholic Church, which must be disarmed, according to the cultural historian and sociologist Magdalena Waligorska.

Since 96 percent of Poles are Christian Catholics, there are no abortion rights and it is also hard to leave the church, which is unacceptable according to human rights, Waligorska thinks. That is why she demands there be ”an easy way out” for everyone.

The feminist writer praised in Poland, Klinga Dunin, thinks it is crazy that Catholics are forcing their infants into their religion by means of baptism, because the children are not mature enough to make the decision on their own about which religion to follow.

The fact that Jewish infants are forced to have their penises sucked by a rabbi at their circumcision ritual as a visible sign of Jewish identity without being old enough to be able to say ”no” to this is something she doesn’t bring up at all.

Dunin basically thinks there should be freedom of religion in Poland, but the existence of the Catholic Church could only be ”tolerated” in the Poland of the Jews under certain conditions: one of these being that the Catholic Church allows for women to become priests, which has become a reality in the Swedish Protestant Church, which has accommodated the demands of the Jews to a higher extent.

Herself a lesbian, Dunin demands that the Catholic Church must accept homosexual marriages.

Without these two demands, the Catholic Church cannot be allowed to exist in the coming Jewish Poland, Dunin thinks. This was appreciated by the conference participants; and even Michał Zadara thought that ”obviously the activities of the Catholic Church must be limited and changed”. Dunin’s proposal was voted in favour with the votes being 48-1.

The deep Catholic tradition of the Polish people would therefore be destroyed.

All other religions and cultural systems shall be equal to one another, which means that Judaism is to be the dominant one since the Jews in practice will run the country. That is, even more than they do today.

5. Minority house instead of a senate in the Polish parliament.

In theory, the formation of a minority house instead of a senate will prevent an oppressive majority from running roughshod over minorities that the majority see as more or less irrelevant.

In practice this means that the Jews want themselves as a national minority to rule Poland, because they will be at most of the positions as well as the most important ones in the governing assembly. As they were in the newly formed governments of the Soviet Union a hundred years ago, and today in the United States Congress and in the parliament of Ukraine where the Jews are extremely overrepresented.

These five points of the manifesto made out the sketch for how Poland will be reshaped into a Jewish state according to the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland.

The last day of the conference was first and foremost about Israel’s role in the Middle East, a topic worth an article of its own.

Knowledge is the best counter-weapon.

Now that the debate surrounding the Jewish problem is accelerating in what Dagens Nyheter refers to as ”the anti-Semitic Poland”, many commentators on social media have a hard time handling what they see regarding the expressed mentality of the Jews.

Loathing and anger are mixed with hatred, fear and contempt. The more sober-minded debaters speak of the value of understanding the activities of the invasive Jewish people and how they express themselves differently depending on where they operate and what they want to achieve.

The most important thing is probably to neither dismiss nor exaggerate the dangers of the subversive activities of the Jewish people, at least not in Poland or Hungary, where the acute problems surrounding the organised waves of ”refugees” are not to be found. With the knowledge of how the enemy works, half the battle has already been won.

Below you can see a two-minute summary of the conference: