Pär Sjögren Nordic Resistance Movement boxing tournament winnervideo

Boxing tournament champion – Interview with Pär Sjögren

ORGANISATION DAYS. A video interview with the winner of the boxing tournament at Organisation Days 2021, Pär Sjögren.  One of the highlights of this year's...
Der III Weg members watch the border for illegal immigrants

Germany Calling: Der III. Weg secures Germany’s borders

DER III. WEG. Our correspondent from Der Dritte Weg in Germany reports on the organisation’s new border security campaign. After Angela Merkel opened Germany’s borders...

NORDIC FRONTIER #210: American Krogan and the fall of gaming

NORDIC FRONTIER. We talk to epic gamer American Krogan about the pozzing of games and the future of gaming. JOIN THE LIVE CHAT ON TELEGRAM...
Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2021video

Video from Organisation Days 2021

VIDEO. A video report from this year's Organisation Days event.  Related: Organisation Days 2021 Organisation Days 2021 photo report
NRM Bergen activism

Day of Action in Bergen: Propaganda distribution and barricades

ACTIVISM. Activists and members from Norway’s Nest 3 were recently active in Bergen, delivering hundreds of leaflets and symbolically barricading anti-Norwegian institutions. Activists and members...
Simon Lindberg speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2021

Organisation Days 2021 photo report

ORGANISATION DAYS. A selection of photos from Organisation Days 2021, taken by the Resistance Movement's skilled photographers. Read the report from Organisation Days here: Organisation...
Flag bearers at the Nordic Resistance Movement's Organisation Days 2021

Organisation Days 2021

ORGANISATION DAYS. “Victory in the election” was the slogan at this year’s edition of Organisation Days, which was held in Småland, Sweden. Education, speeches...

Nordic Frontier take the week off

NORDIC FRONTIER. The guys take the week off after a hectic weekend of travelling the country in the service of national socialism. More details...
NRM honour Gustavus Adolphus in Stockholmvideo

Honouring Gustavus Adolphus in Stockholm – with large police presence

MEMORIAL. On Saturday 6 November – 389 years after Gustavus Adolphus fell in the Battle of Lützen – members of the Nordic Resistance Movement...
Woman shopping

We must restrain ourselves to end the consumer society

IDEOLOGY. The modern world’s materialistic outlook is one of the biggest problems to combat today. Marcus Hansson explains why, from two different points of...


Father in different languages graphic

New Nordic life – A miracle of nature

In this personal account, the leader of the Resistance Movement writes about his newborn son and other Nordic children as a miracle of nature. By...

Resistance Movement 3.0

Images of Cultural Marxism

What is Cultural Marxism?