Harvest festival Resistance Movement, Nest 2

Harvest festival in Sweden’s Nest 2

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. On the first weekend of September, comrades from Sweden's Nest 2 gathered to revive one of our ancestors' age-old traditions – the...
Swastika flag and Vastarinta banner, Finland

Banned Resistance Movement in Finland raise swastika flags after legal victory

ACTIVISM. Activists in Finland raised swastika flags and put up Tyr rune banners after Helsinki District Court ruled that the swastika is a legal...

NORDIC FRONTIER #202: Full Frontier with Coach Finstock

NORDIC FRONTIER. While Alan is taking the week off, Andreas invites Coach Finstock of Full Haus podcaster fame to talk about life, family and...
Aristogenesis Askr Svarte interview 3

ARISTOGENESIS #10: Askr Svarte Interview 3

ARISTOGENESIS. This is the tenth episode of Aristogenesis.  Join us for a third and final interview with Traditionalist philosopher and author Askr Svarte. In this...

Jewish struggle – A model for us?

IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Resistance Movement writes about whether it's right to use National Socialism's antagonists as models for our struggle. We recently translated...
NRM banner, Gentfote, Denmark

Banner activism in Greater Copenhagen

ACTIVISM. A group of activists conducted banner drops and spread propaganda in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark, last weekend. Banners were hung in several places in the...
Nest 7 physical training

Obstacle course and martial arts training in Småland

TRAINING. Sweden's Nest 7 ended August with a tough training day. On Sunday, 29 August, members from Nest 7 met in the Småland Highlands for...
Nordic Frontier excerpt

Jewish symbology

How the Jews operate regarding the "Holocaust". Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #201: Autumn postings iFrameResize({ log: false }, '#nrjewishsymbologyresizeIframe')
Nordic Days 2021 jogging

Nordic Days 2021: Fighting spirit and comradeship in a time of transition

NORDIC DAYS. Kristoffer Boström presents a personal report from his attendance at this year's Nordic Days, including a detailed account of the speeches held...

NORDIC FRONTIER #201: Autumn postings

NORDIC FRONTIER. The leaves are not the only things turning brown in the land of the Nords. Tune in to find out how and...


The German Ethical Revolution 1800-1945: Part I

OPINION. Arnar Styr Björnsson writes about the German national awakening beginning in the early 19th century. Part I “But the most precious possession in this world is our own...
Drawing of the Nordic Resistance Movement flags with the Tyr rune symbol

Our symbols

National Socialism in Practice

The N-Word