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Leafleting at Randers spa after report of problems with racial foreigners


ACTIVISM. Denmark’s Nest 3 conducted activism at Randers Water & Wellness for two days in a row after a female visitor contacted the organisation about the problems at the spa and fitness centre.

NRM spa leaflet, Randers, Denmark

Most people know that multiculturalism has left its mark on all aspects of Danish society, but not everyone experiences its effects up close, as you are forced to do if you visit the spa department at Randers Water & Wellness.

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous recently sent an email to the Resistance Movement about her experiences with racial foreigners and the conditions she faced at the Randers Water & Wellness fitness centre.

The woman reported several incidents of loud and wild behaviour, repeated violations of the spa department rules, the videoing of other bathers, filth in the changing room and the spa department, and a complete disregard for White Danes’ complaints about the indecent racial strangers. According to the woman, the staff at Randers Water & Wellness refuse to observe their own rules or talk to the gangs of foreigners who break them, as if the staff are “afraid of confrontation”, as the woman puts it.

NRM spa leaflet, Randers, DenmarkNRM spa leaflet, Randers, Denmark

In response, the Resistance Movement appealed to the patrons of Randers Water & Wellness to join the struggle for a White Denmark.

On Thursday and Friday, leaflets were placed on the windscreens of all the parked cars outside the fitness centre. The leaflets had been deliberately designed to resemble an advertisement from the spa, without being similar enough to constitute copyright infringement. The message on the leaflet read:

Have you ever experienced multiculturalism up close when visiting Randers Water & Wellness?

Do you notice how much space the foreign gangs take up, even when they are small in size?

Do you think the proportion of foreigners at Randers Water & Wellness sometimes exceeds the proportion of White Danes – and are you comfortable with this fact?

The cultural and racial differences between White Europeans and foreigners such as Arabs and Africans are made clear to all who are exposed to these invasive peoples.

The problems experienced at Randers Water & Wellness due to the groups of non-White people often present is trivial compared to the impact of mass immigration on Danish society and the future of the Danish people.

The ongoing population exchange means that White Danes will soon risk becoming second-class citizens in our own country – if we do not soon rise up, organise and take back what is ours!

Get organised in the fight for your people!

A large number of stickers were also put up in the area. The action received attention in the local media in Randers.

NRM spa leaflet, Randers, DenmarkNRM spa leaflet, Randers, DenmarkNRM sticker, Randers, DenmarkNRM sticker, Randers, Denmark