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Lecture and martial arts training in Jämtland


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Members from Sweden’s Nest 4 gather for a full day of internal activism and socialising.

Members from Nest 4 gathered in Krokom on Saturday 4th July to listen to a lecture about self-defence by nest chief Martin Saxlind. After everyone had prepared food and eaten together, Saxlind took to the stage and gave a 90-minute presentation about diverse self-defence situations that a nationalist, or just a regular Swede, might encounter today. The presentation included practical demonstrations and went over topics such as the extent to which someone can legally defend themselves, how to deal with armed attacks, and which martial arts are the most suitable for these purposes.

“Self-defence course – Theory and Practice”. Essential knowledge in Clown Sweden.

Next the attendees went outside to practise martial arts techniques and spar for several rounds, followed by a workout. The bad weather from earlier in the day had cleared up, and the sun shone pleasantly.

The lessons learned from the lecture are put to the test.

The activities concluded with lunch and socialising before those with a long journey ahead set off home. All in all, it was a very rewarding and productive day.