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NORDIC FRONTIER #153: Alan and the runaway Joggers


NORDIC FRONTIER. We take a look at Trump’s based tweets and Alan joins us to talk about his travels and his experience with jogging culture.


EuropaWave (https://t.me/euwave)


Martin Saxlind on the Strike & Mike podcast about Tommie Lindh

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Rally in Kungälv after brutal attack on Swedish woman

The gutter press and the murder of Tommie Lindh

The Nordic Resistance Movement – The last outpost in the fight against the homo lobby

Tiwaz Comfy Corner – random reposts from various content channels on Telegram


Trump tweets again

Trump’s new anti-censorship law

Plot twist in the Choking Jogger Story

He was a good boy, he was just turning his life around

The “Nazis” are exploiting the death of an innocent jogger

Jew mayor of Minneapolis cries out in pain as the joggers loot Target

White people stand up for the People of Brown

Mike Tyson chimes in on the topic

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