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Local newspaper investigates Resistance Movement: ”Nazi NRM is increasing its activity”


RESISTANCE NEWS. The local Östergötland newspaper Folkbladet has recently observed that the Nordic Resistance Movement is becoming increasingly active in the Norrköping area. Nest 8 leader Jimmy Thunlind says the newspaper’s articles are “level-headed”.

The Finspång newspaper Folkbladet writes about the Resistance Movement in several articles. Left: “The Nordic Resistance Movement responds”, right: “Nazi NRM increase activity in Norrköping”. Screenshot from folkbladet.se.

The newspaper Folkbladet (Nya Folkbladet in Östergötland) has this week featured a series of articles concerning Nest 8 of the Nordic Resistance Movement and their progress in the area around Norrköping, eastern Sweden.

The newspaper, which has its primary readership in Finspång, writes that “the Nazi NRM is increasing its activity”, and that this is not due to the recruitment of more members but rather because the members in the area have become more active.

To understand the reason for this, they consulted both Expo and SÄPO, as well as the local police intelligence unit.

Morgan Finnsiö, a “researcher” at Expo, correctly states that Norrköping was one of the Resistance Movement’s ten most active municipalities in 2019. According to the 2019 annual report from the organization’s leader Simon Lindberg, Norrköping even managed to end up on the number four spot, being surpassed only by Trelleborg, Luleå and Uddevalla.

According to Finnsiö, it is “most problematic” that the Nordic Resistance Movement is so active in Norrköping. He says that this makes “life unbearable” for all the organization’s opponents.

Jan Fryksén of Norrköping Police confirms that the Resistance Movement has advanced in the city:

“Our intelligence unit has noticed an increase in activities in Östergötland. The primary focus is on recruitment of members,” he told Folkbladet.

The newspaper references SÄPO and says that the Nordic Resistance Movement “has the ability to commit terrorist acts”. But, as admitted by SÄPO’s so-called chief analyst Ann-Za Hagström during her grilling by defence lawyers in the Gothenburg opinion trial, “ability” and “intent” are not the same thing – as basically any group or individual has the “ability” to commit crimes punishable under the terrorism legislation.

Martin Saxlind: “We have energetic members in the city”

Folkbladet has also allowed the Nordic Resistance Movement to get its point across by quoting the organization’s press spokesman Martin Saxlind.

Saxlind states that the Nordic Resistance Movement “is striving to be active all over the country” and “the reason a lot of things are happening in Norrköping right now is because we have energetic members in the city”.

The local Folkbladet newspaper notes that the Resistance Movement is becoming increasingly active in Norrköping. Photo from the recent Dresden action that was held in the city. Photo: Nordfront.

When asked what the organization’s goals are in Norrköping, Saxlind responds:

“We are hoping that even more people are going to engage themselves in the struggle […] Unless radical political changes occur soon, we are going to face harder times in this country.”

Saxlind was also asked about the recent anti-Semitic joke attack directed against Norrköping City Museum, in which a bag featuring a Star of David symbol and containing soap and anti-Semitic material was left outside the museum in conjunction with its exhibition on “Nazism”. He replied that he feels “the soap action was a smart and funny prank” and that he assumes the exhibition basically consisted of “the same old worn-out propaganda meant to make Swedes feel sorry for the most privileged group of people in the world”.

The prank is already being investigated as a thought crime by the police in Norrköping. Furthermore, the Norrköpings-Tidningar newspaper has revealed that the bag is being analysed right now by the National Forensic Centre (NFC) in order to find traces left by the thought criminal in question.

Parts of the article series in Folkbladet consist of baiting campaigns against local members renting municipal premises for sports and self-defense training. But Saxlind explains to the newspaper why this is happening:

“We are engaged in martial arts training in order to defend ourselves and our loved ones in this progressively unsafe society created by the red-green and bourgeois parties with their insane policies. Our training locations are only of concern to the participants.”

Jimmy Thunlind: “Hardly surprising that the media wishes to scrutinize us”

Nordfront has contacted Jimmy Thunlind, head of Nest 8 and the main man responsible for the increased activism in Norrköping. Thunlind claims that the article series in Folkbladet about the Movement appears “balanced” in comparison to earlier baiting campaigns from the lying press:

“Since we constitute the only radical opposition to the regime and since our actions attract attention, it’s hardly surprising that the media wishes to scrutinize us. I think the articles in Folkbladet are level-headed – there are no vulgar doxings of individual members, and they have allowed us to get our point across and respond to the criticism against us,” Thunlind says.

Folkbladet claims that the increasing activism has nothing to do with new members being recruited. What do you have to say about that?

“Since we never make our membership numbers public, it’s an attempt by the police to diminish us by claiming that we are not growing in numbers. But the increasing total of public activities speaks for itself. They would never devote so much attention to us unless they knew that we are growing in numbers and in strength.”