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Mechanised agitation in Örkelljunga


ACTIVISM. Below follows a video from the recent mobile banner action in Örkelljunga and a short written interview with one of the participants.

NRM mobile banner action in Örkelljunga, Sweden

On 26 February, the nationalist message echoed through Örkelljunga when activists drove around with a specially outfitted trailer complete with flags, banners and nationalist music playing at high volume.

The short video below summarises the events of the three-hour action, including how people were pleasantly surprised by the sight of the trailer, giving the thumbs-up and waving. A short sequence also shows a minor confrontation that took place. As luck would have it, the day was one of the sunniest so far this year, which ensured there were a lot of people out and about.

The Resistance Movement interviewed one of the participants from the action, Sebastian Elofsson:

What was the purpose of the action?

The purpose was to get all the Swedes in the municipality whose hearts beat for land and folk to join the Resistance Movement and fight against the hostile regime that rules Sweden today. We appealed to their patriotic sentiment with well-chosen slogans.

Nationalist music was also played from a loudspeaker. Can you tell us more about why you played the songs you did?

We played a lot of European marching music. Music has a reinforcing effect on the message and creates emotion. Marching music and battle songs encourage bravery and self-sacrifice, which is exactly what is needed to save our nation from total collapse.

Is this type of action something Nest 3 will focus more on in the future?

Definitely! This type of action generates a lot of attention and is a good way to spread our message to the public.

If you had to compare this action with the one on 1 May last year, which do you think was better?

That’s actually very difficult to answer, as the action on 1 May was held in a much larger city, but in my opinion this action was probably more successful as it wasn’t attempting to cover such large areas.

Thank you for the interview!