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Media attempts to link Resistance Movement to planned “terrorist attack” after four people arrested in Iceland


ICELAND. Four people were arrested in Iceland on Thursday evening, suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Reykjavik.


The Icelandic police have announced they are investigating whether those arrested have “far-right” connections. Some media outlets in Iceland have subsequently engaged in wild speculation and tried to connect the incident to the Nordic Resistance Movement by citing a report published by the Icelandic police last year, in which they claimed the organisation has the capacity to commit terrorist attacks in the country.

Although a motive for the suspected terrorism plans has not been established, Iceland’s largest newspaper, Frettabladid, has insinuated that members of the Nordic Resistance Movement could be behind the crimes.

The main image used by the newspaper for the article is a photo of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s first public activity in Iceland, in 2019, sandwiched between headlines about suspected terrorist crimes.

Frettabladid screenshot, Nordic Resistance Movement
Screenshot from Frettabladid.is

The Resistance Movement’s Icelandic branch has subsequently issued an official statement clarifying that there are no connections between those arrested and the organisation. They state they have no contact with any terrorists or have any members who wish to commit terrorist attacks, adding that they only use violence in self-defence.