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Meeting with Patriot Front


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement were recently visited by a patriotic activist organisation from America.

Patriot Front

Last week the Nordic Resistance Movement were visited by the American activist organisation Patriot Front. Patriot Front is a relatively new organisation largely consisting of young people who have made headlines for spectacular activism in several US states.

A group from Patriot Front have been touring Europe in recent weeks to see how National Socialist and nationalist organisations operate in Europe. The tour included a visit to CasaPound in Italy and participation in the Independence March in Poland. Last week the group came to Gothenburg to visit the Nordic Resistance Movement. One of the Resistance men who met the Americans was National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland.

“I got a very good impression of them both as people and how they conduct their activism,” Fredrik Vejdeland said to Nordfront. “They have a lot in common with the Nordic Resistance Movement, while differing in some areas. They are well informed, they have the right spirit and they represent something genuinely new and interesting in the USA.”

Demonstration at Utah State Capitol

Authentic Swedish Christmas smorgasbord

The Patriot Front members arrived at lunchtime on Wednesday and were picked up by comrades at the airport and taken to Gothenburg to get something to eat. As a special meal was planned for the evening, a simpler alternative was chosen for lunch – “whole specials” (hot dogs topped with mashed potato) at one of the best places in town. It was a taste of Gothenburg culture and a good warm up for the rest of the day.

Next the comrades were shown around Gothenburg. Areas badly ravaged by multiculturalism were avoided and instead the company walked around the districts of Haga and Vasastaden and the main boulevard, Avenyn (the Avenue). They were shown the statue in Bältesspännar Park, the Poseidon statue in Götaplatsen square and other landmarks, while being informed of the history of Gothenburg. This included the interesting fact that Carl Milles – the sculptor who created Poseidon, Gothenburg’s most famous landmark – was a National Socialist.

National Socialist art in Gothenburg

In the evening the American comrades got to try a Swedish Christmas smorgasbord for the first time. They were welcomed at the door with glögg and could then help themselves from a Christmas buffet of delicacies like elk meatballs, pickled herring, paté, Jansson’s temptation (a traditional casserole), Västerbotten cheese, gravlax and vendace roe. They also sampled julmust (Christmas root beer), skumtomtar (Christmas marshmallows) and pepparkakor (ginger biscuits). The comrades then sat and talked in good company about the struggle in the USA. The evening concluded with drinking aquavit and singing drinking songs like the traditional Swedish song “Helan Går”.

Carlsten Fortress and Marstrand

No one drank too much aquavit because in the morning the comrades went to Kungälv to visit its two fortresses: Bohus Fortress and Carlsten Fortress. The first stop was Bohus Fortress, which unfortunately was closed for the day. But the Americans could still view the building from the outside and hear and read about its history before the group moved on to the island of Marstrand and Carlsten.

The Americans were greatly impressed by the fortress and its history but also by the west coast’s archipelago and Marstrand Fjord. Despite the diversity of landscapes in the USA, it was still a completely new sight for many of the visitors. They were also informed of Marstrand’s murky history. Sweden’s first synagogue was built on the island (in one of the fortress’s defence towers, no less). There were a lot of shady dealings in Marstrand at the time, and it was also the centre of the Jewish-run transatlantic slave trade from Sweden.

Public activism in Gothenburg

On Thursday and Friday evening, the comrades hit the gym for a workout and sparring. After leaving the gym on Friday, the members of Patriot Front participated in a public leaflet distribution organised by the Resistance Movement. The leafleting took place outside Liseberg amusement park, where the Christmas exhibition drew its typically high number of visitors.

As usual, the activity received both positive and negative reactions, with Patriot Front’s members enjoying many of the former. An English-speaking man who saw one of the Americans’ symbols asked if they were from the USA. When the answer was yes, he replied, “God bless you” and took a leaflet.

Return journey

On Saturday the comrades were driven to the airport, where they got a bite to eat before catching their planes and leaving Sweden for now. The Swedes and Americans promised one another they will meet again, either in Europe or the USA.

For more information on Patriot Front – and to see their action-packed videos – visit patriotfront.us. Also make sure to stay tuned to future episodes of Nordic Frontier, where they will hopefully make an appearance soon.

We from the Nordic Resistance Movement would like to thank our comrades from Patriot Front for a very enjoyable and inspirational visit and hope we meet again soon.