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Monthly meeting and activist education – Nest 2


ACTIVISM. Nest 2 recently held their monthly meeting with a lecture and booksale.

On Saturday the 2nd of March, Nest 2 held their monthly meeting. Reports from the different activist and member groups were discussed, coming plans were reviewed, and an array of other topics were covered. The nest’s chief also brought up some of the different positions that need to be filled, and highlighted that everyone can contribute in some way.

After the meeting, a member with many years’ experience of political activism held a lecture directed towards activists. Many topics surrounding life as a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement were discussed, such as activism, safety, structure, the law and more. The lecture was based on the theme of the “Activist Handbook” and was very much appreciated.

During a break in the lecture, pasta salad was served and some literature as well as second-hand items were available for purchase.