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Monthly meeting and day of activism in Värmland


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Members and activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 5 recently gathered for their monthly meeting and a public activity in Filipstad, Värmland County.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner, Filipstad
“Stop the Population Replacement!”

On Saturday 7th March it was once again time for Nest 5’s monthly meeting. As usual the meeting focused on plans for future activities, as well as providing the attendees with a much-appreciated communal meal.

In connection with the meeting, a day of activism was also arranged in Filipstad. Members and activists took up positions outside the Lidl and Ica Kvantum supermarkets, right beside the main road that runs through the centre of town.

The Resistance men and women made their presence known with flags, leaflets and a banner. While the public activity took place, a large number of leaflets were also distributed in letterboxes around the town.

Nordfront contacted nest chief Pär Sjögren for a comment on Saturday’s activity.

Why did you choose to hold an activity in Filipstad?

“Filipstad is part of Nest 5, and we always intend to conduct activism across our whole nest. Filipstad is also interesting because it has been hit hard by multiculturalism and population replacement, which the municipality’s officials have confirmed in various interviews.”

How did the activity go and what were the reactions like?

“It went as expected, with both positive and negative comments, but overwhelmingly people said they didn’t like multiculturalism or population replacement. Afterwards both private individuals and the lying media publicised the fact that we were in town. One newspaper also featured a photograph of our banner, so we thank them for the advertisement.”