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Monthly meeting and Ostara celebration in Sweden’s Nest 2


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Nest 2 members and activists gathered with their families for a monthly meeting and long-awaited celebrations on Easter weekend.

Ostara celebration food

The comrades and their relatives arrived at the venue just before lunchtime and were given a warm welcome by the event organiser, who invited everyone to take their places at the table for the start of the monthly meeting.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration speech
Nest Chief Mattias Sigvardsson was welcomed to the stage and began the meeting

After about two hours, the items on the meeting agenda had been dealt with and it was time for dinner. The day’s menu consisted of nothing less than a formidably delicious buffet that had been single-handedly home-cooked by a comrade. Of particular note in this context was that all the meat dishes in the buffet consisted of locally produced beef, pork and venison that had been hunted and butchered by two comrades.

Ostara celebration foodOstara celebration foodOstara celebration food

After all the attendees had eaten their fill, they expressed their utmost contentment and applauded the sterling efforts of the chef. The premises were then cleared in order to hold the market. The comrades had brought all kinds of useful things to trade, including intellectual literature, aesthetic crafts, clothing and wilderness equipment, as well as locally produced food and household wares.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration homemade waresOstara celebration foodNordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration homemade wares

As the market is of more interest to adults than children, a guided walk and festive activities were also organised for the young ones outside in the spring sun.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration egg, SwedenNordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration, Sweden

After some hours had passed, it was time to reposition the chairs in front of the stage and listen to National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland’s somewhat controversial but positive speech. The talk was chiefly prepared for the children present and highlighted the Easter celebration in pre-Christian times, which was called Ostara. A more in-depth article on the speech will be published in the near future.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration speechNordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration speechThe presentation, with its light-hearted and inventive approach, was appreciated by both young and old, and Vejdeland was thanked by the audience with resounding applause. Next, the meeting organiser returned to the stage and thanked the participants for the genial spirit of folk community they had created together, before bringing the activity to an end.