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Monthly meeting and speech in Kungälv


MEETING. On Saturday 31 August, it was once again time for Nest 2’s monthly meeting.

Fredrik Vejdeland speaks at Nest 2 meeting

When everyone had arrived and been welcomed, the meeting started with the detailing of future activities, followed by debriefings about the past month by group chiefs.

After the meeting a speech was held about National Socialism. The speaker was none other than Nordic Council member Fredrik Vejdeland. In his speech, Fredrik outlined five things which explain why we will be victorious in the end, even though some believe such matters are not strategically correct in the short term.

He also gave examples of how certain other organisations have folded precisely because they have chosen to focus on what brings the most short-term success and have subsequently become corrupted. Fredrik then presented arguments as to why the Nordic Resistance Movement does not compromise its ideology but always remains loyal to National Socialism.

The speech was very thought-provoking and much appreciated by the comrades at the meeting.