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Monthly meeting in Nest 7


On a beautiful spring day, the 30th of March, Nest 7 held its customary meeting of the month in splendid Småland. A fine breakfast was enjoyed in good spirits before the program of the day begun.

The first activity on the agenda was the art of debating and both experienced and inexperienced comrades shared their thoughts, ideas and expertise. A brief lecture was held with tips and points regarding debating and discussing in both public and non-public environments as well as how should one react in these cases. Moreover, the comrades had the opportunity to put their skills to the test by simulating various situations and scenarios.

When the activity was over the members of the nest prepared for dinner and enjoyed a delicious meal that the nest’s cook prepared, spinach soup with a side-dish of egg and bread.

When dinner was over the meeting was summarized and the comrades thanked each other and went their separate ways.