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Monthly meeting in Nest 6 with first aid and combat training


MEETING. On 11th April, members and activists from Nest 6 held their monthly meeting with a first aid educational activity and physical training.

This month’s meeting took place on Easter Eve, but naturally that didn’t stop Norrland’s freedom fighters from assembling. The members met in a fitting venue for the day’s activities, and many coming projects and new plans were discussed during the meeting.

After the extensive monthly meeting, the participants were taught how to take care of incapacitated comrades and move them to safety, with various techniques being practised. Although it was heavy work, all the participants succeed in moving their “unconscious” comrades.

The next item on the agenda was dodgeball, which returned after being a success at last month’s meeting. After an intensive and educational session, it was time for Russian-style combat training with knives, plus a few rounds of boxing. The day concluded with group chief David Nilsson experiencing being sprayed with pepper spray.

Satisfied with the day’s activities, the participants could return to their Easter celebrations.