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Monthly meeting in Nest 8 with a visit from the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement


MEETING. In early August comrades from Nest 8 came together for their meeting of the month.

In a beautiful, natural environment, members of the nest as well as visitors from Nest 3 listened to a presentation from the Resistance Movement’s leader, Simon Lindberg, who in a most committed and personal manner, pointed out the importance of unity, coherence and keeping together in the ongoing struggle towards our goal: a National Socialist North.

Simon also spoke about the incidents of recent months within the organisation and allowed the comrades to ask questions when the speech was over.

After a break for food, coffee and socialising, Simon had separate meetings with several members, and after that the deputy chief of Nest 8, Jimmy Thunlind, held the regular meeting of the month with reports and information on planned activities.

It was a rewarding day that renewed the comrades’ strength and inspiration to keep fighting.