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Monthly meeting in Sweden’s Nest 4: Restoration and live music in the forest


MEETING. Members of Sweden’s Nest 4 recently went to the Jämtland forest to hold their monthly meeting and spend the night in an old mountain cabin.

The comrades gathered in the village of Bräcke in Jämtland on 11 September to procure the last necessities needed before driving far out into the woods. The weather was grey but the atmosphere was good as the group travelled to the destination for the excursion: a mountain cabin hidden by the trees. Instruments, a grill and foraged mushrooms were brought along for the evening, but the first item on the agenda was the restoration of a dilapidated barn. The work consisted of tearing down the rotten part of the old roof, while leaving the beams intact.

Restoration of an old barn in the Jämtland woods
The work in full swing

This is the second construction project Nest 4 has undertaken in a relatively short time, with members also having helped a comrade replace the gutters on his house over the course of a few weeks.

A cabin in the Jämtland woods, Sweden
The cabin after being decorated in the customary way by the team

After a hard work shift, the men left the barn in a somewhat better condition than they had found it and began cleaning up and preparing dinner. An activist had picked porcini mushrooms in the morning, which were supplemented with shaggy ink cap mushrooms picked during the day. The dinner consisted of chicken, vegetables and mushrooms fried together over the fire, with rice and homemade bread on the side.

A porcini mushroom in the Jämtland woods, Sweden
A porcini mushroom, almost completely worm-free
A stew cooked on a campfire in the Jämtland woods, Sweden
Freshly diced mushrooms are added to an already delicious stew

The evening in the cabin was long and cosy, not least thanks to the violin music performed by the Nest’s own folk musician.

Musical performance in a cabin in the Jämtland woods, Sweden
Live music in the wilderness

The next morning was spent cleaning up and getting things ready, before the comrades thanked one another and parted ways.