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Monthly meeting, recruitment meeting and memorial ceremony in Sweden’s Nest 8


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Sweden’s Nest 8 spent Saturday, 6 November conducting various outdoors activities.

The sun welcomed the activists, members and aspiring members of Nest 8, who gathered on Saturday to hold a series of outdoor activities in a central location in the Nest. It was possibly the most beautiful autumn day so far this year, with the sun shining from a clear blue sky, and the ground covered with red and golden leaves. The day began with the preparation of the site and the construction of a fire for the upcoming barbecue. Meanwhile, recruitment meetings were held with aspiring members over coffee. During the monthly meeting itself, which mostly focused on past and future activities, the recruits were given additional information about the organisation and the Nest.

When the fire had died down to its embers, everything from burgers, sausages, bread, root vegetables, halloumi and other cheeses were grilled. The Resistance men and women ate heartily, with the food raising their body temperatures, which had dropped somewhat while they were waiting.

Barbecue, Nest 8, Sweden
Grilling and coffee-brewing

Flag burning

The fading embers were rekindled with more wood – in preparation for the burning of enemy flags. Independent National Socialists had donated a number of flags to people they trusted, and these symbols now awaited their inevitable fate, which was soon sealed in the crackling flames.

Enemy flag burning, NRM
Enemy flags consumed by fire

Memorial ceremony

After the meal, the site was tidied and the meeting participants went to the village of Malmköping to honour the fallen National Socialist hero Sven-Erik Rehn, who is buried at Dunker Church in the Dunker-Lilla Malma parish.

Sven Erik Rehn gravestone, Malmköping, Sweden
The grave of fallen Finland volunteer Sven-Erik Rehn

Rehn was born on 13 February 1917 in Lilla Malma and lived in Malmköping. He died at age 27, on 22 June 1944 in Luumäki, after heroic efforts. The memorial emblem of the Swedish Finland Volunteers Association is affixed to his gravestone. Candles were lit, and flowers were placed at the beautifully situated grave.

A short tribute speech was given for the fallen, with the words echoing over the cemetery, as the twilight sun illuminated the golden slopes down towards Lake Dunkern.

Sven-Erik Rehn – PRESENT!

Lake Dunkern woods
The woods next to Lake Dunkern