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Monthly meeting with important lecture in Nest 8


MEETING. On Sunday 1st March, Nest 8 held their monthly meeting, which featured an important speech about employment rights by Pär Sjögren.

The day began with martial arts training in a location close to the meeting venue. After relocating, Nest 5 chief Pär Sjögren gave an informative and well-received speech about job security, employment agreements, collective agreements, labour laws and trade union work.

The subsequent members’ meeting began with two new members being presented with their proof of membership and welcomed to the nest and organisation.

The records for the previous month showed that 16 activities had been carried out in the last three weeks. These included two particularly noteworthy actions: the rally with Nest 1 in Stockholm and the Dresden bombing demonstration outside the Norrköping City Museum.

In addition, a number of basic activities such as physical training, study circles, propaganda production, leafleting and stickering had been conducted. Nest members also visited a lecture that Clowner mot nazism (Clowns against Nazism) held at Norrköping City Museum.

Plans for the coming month were detailed, with many interesting activities and challenges announced. The meeting was concluded with an excellent meal of traditional Swedish stuffed cabbage rolls, which were prepared by the organiser group.