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Monthly meeting with lecture in Sweden’s Nest 2


MEETING. On Saturday, 6 March it was time for Nest 2’s latest monthly meeting.

The meeting began with a lecture by Jimmy Andersson, in which he talked about what it’s like to be in prison, something that some of our members have been forced to experience because of the system’s attitude towards the only true opposition.

Nest 2 NRM meeting lecture

The lecture reviewed aspects such as custody, arrest, detention and finally prison itself. Many attendees had questions and thoughts such as, What is a day behind bars like? What food do you get? What do the cells look like? etc. More practical things were also asked, such as how to deal with rent while incarcerated, and how to inform your family if you’re arrested.

During the lecture, the media group also tested livestreaming to comrades who could not participate for various reasons. This is something Nest 2 believes in and will continue to develop.

Next, Nest Chief Mattias Sigvardsson reviewed the new directives for the Nest, as well as upcoming activities. There was a lot of talk about the Bohusleden trail hike and the joint martial arts training, which everyone appreciated very much.


When the meeting was over, a sumptuous pyttipanna was served, which was cooked outdoors over an open fire in a Muurikka pan.