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Monthly meeting with police visit in Nest 8


MEETING. Sweden’s Nest 8 held their first monthly meeting of the year in rural surroundings in Östergötland on Sunday, 3 January.

The eventful day began with a challenging activist test, with all of the Nest’s activists performing well. But it wasn’t just the Resistance men who were interested in the activities – a police patrol also showed up at the scene, asking prying questions about what the activists were doing, and photographing the licence plates on their cars.

Activist test under police surveillance

After relocating to the venue for the monthly meeting, the day’s programme continued with martial arts training, which was also open to members and supporter members. The tough sparring session took its toll, so everyone was glad to see that the organiser group had set the table for the meal and subsequent fika, which was appreciated by both children and adults.

The training continued with martial arts indoors
A tasty energy boost at the right time

It was then observed that a police car was circulating around this location too, in a rural idyll a dozen miles from the site of the activist test. When the Nest Chiefs went outside to investigate, it was found that no fewer than three police patrol cars were lined up along the small village road. When the police were asked what they were doing by the Nest Chief, they replied that they were conducting a traffic check. When asked why they had just stopped and looked through our comrades’ car windows if that were the case, and why they were wearing bulletproof vests (a little strange on a lonely countryside road on a Sunday), Kling and Klang had no answer. They were asked to stop harassing us and disappeared from the scene a moment later.

Kling and Klang clearly had plenty of work to do in the quiet rural environment

After the meal, the monthly meeting began with a screening of two videos produced by the Nest’s media group. One video was a comprehensive chronicle in images of the past year of struggle 2020, with sequences from many of the major events and activities. The other was a video from activities with the laser cannon the Nest has acquired. Several happy cheers were heard from the audience when they saw National Socialist messages and symbols projected onto centrally located buildings in Norrköping.

Afterwards, the first part of the Nest’s speaking school was held. A comrade had prepared a talk based on a section from the book Mastering Life. After the speech, feedback on its delivery and suggestions for improvements were given by the Nest Chief, followed, of course, by well-deserved praise.

A promising speaking debut

The following members’ meeting began with an atmospheric singing of Die Fahne Hoch, after which the usual meeting items and information were discussed. As a conclusion, Nest Chief Thunlind read a short passage from the Gospel of Matthew about how we can all be encouraged to do our best based on our personal circumstances in the vital struggle for our people.

The Nest Chief reads from… the Bible