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Monthly meeting with Yule dinner and speaking school in Nest 8


MEETING. Sweden’s Nest 8 held their monthly gathering on Saturday, 12 December, which this month offered a whole day full of activities for activists, members, families and sympathisers.

The Resistance Movement, a light in the darkness

The organiser group started the preparations for the afternoon’s Yule dinner and children’s activities early on the grey and rainy day.

Only the organiser group is awake…
Handicrafts had been prepared
By far the most important decoration

The monthly meeting began with a short review of the previous weekend’s Organisation Days, which was found to be inspiring, intensive and community-building by those who attended.

The Nest Chief speaks

The previous Sunday’s banner actions were also given praise. The actions involved displaying banners in various places along the E4 road in Medelpad and Gästrikland, where the Resistance Movement’s message was conveyed to the Swedish people, many of whom showed their appreciation with car horn beeps and gestures.

White Lives Matter banner in Sweden
An acclaimed banner action on the E4 road

A joyful message was then delivered when the Nest Chief announced the Nest’s acquisition of various types of equipment that will be used for spectacular activism! The news generated twinkles in the eyes of many of the Resistance men.

Speaking school

Next, Nest Chief Jimmy Thunlind presented a new feature in the Nest’s monthly meeting – the speaking school.

Three people were given the following ahead of the next monthly meeting on 3 January 2021:

  • A subject each to be discussed.
  • Some tasks for the speakers to concentrate on in particular.
    Each speaker will give a speech to the Nest lasting three to five minutes and receive feedback on their performance. Each of the three speakers appointed to speak at the next monthly meeting will receive one of these topics:

    • Point 1 of the Resistance Movement’s political programme Our Path,
    • Point 2 of Our Path,
    • Chapter 1 of the book Mastering Life.

All three were also assigned the below tasks to focus on:

  • An effective introduction.
  • Good audience communication.

A follow-up report will be given after the next monthly meeting.

Speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement's Nordic Days event
Good speaking skills require training. Photo from this year’s Nordic Days.

The year’s Nest Champions and a letter to an imprisoned comrade

Two members of the Nest were awarded the distinction of “Nest Champion of the Year” for their unique efforts and sacrifices for the Nest.

The prize for the Nest Champion – a 100%-authentic Carolean hat

The Nest Chief then read out a letter that the Nest will send to a long-time sympathiser who is currently in prison for thought crimes and who has applied for membership in the organisation and Nest.

Nest 8 have performed three public activities over the past month, in addition to plenty of basic activism, study circles and training.

The next month will see the Nest continue its high work rate.

Future plans for Nest 8 will be characterised by a strong focus on spectacular activism, as well as education and social activities for members, sympathisers and activists.

As the Nest grows, they also look forward to the need of forming a new Member Group in the future.

Yule dinner, singing, children’s games and celebration

The monthly meeting was followed by the festivities, which lasted throughout the afternoon and early evening.

The sumptuous Yule table

A large amount of well-made food was consumed, there was communal singing, and children’s games were arranged such as the lucky dip “fishing pond” game.

An incredible amount of food was consumed
The fishing pond game
The leader of the sing-a-long

Finally, the Nest Chief Jimmy Thunlind, who was formally appointed to the post at Organisation Days a week prior, was congratulated with a present from the Nest.

The celebrated Nest Chief