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Mountain hiking in Hallingskarvet


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Nordic Resistance Movement members recently enjoyed a weekend of hiking in the beautiful Norwegian mountains.

Resistance Movement members went on an excursion to Hallingskarvet, a mountain ridge stretching about 35 kilometres west from Geilo in Hol municipality to north of Finse in Ulvik municipality. The highest peak in Hallingskarvet is Folarskardnuten, standing at 1,933 metres above sea level.

The trip began with a long march across gradually rising terrain, before glimpsing the mountain in the distance. After walking for a while, a camp was made and the comrades settled down to eat and drink. They also stored unnecessary baggage in the camp before continuing the trek towards the mountain.

Water was collected in the many streams crossed on the trip

At the base of the mountain, the ground underfoot quickly changed from earth and paths to scree. The terrain became steeper, and in some places the comrades had to climb with their hands and feet. During the ascent, the weather changed continually. One moment there were clear skies and a good view, while the next it was cloudy and raining.

After passing the snow-covered areas, the hikers finally arrived at the peak of Folarskardnuten, 1,933 metres above sea level.

After reaching the summit and admiring the incredible view, the party headed back down to the camp. As evening approached, they put up the tents and enjoyed good food and conversation, before it was time to get some sleep.

Frost during the night meant the comrades were greeted by a thin layer of snow on the tents in the morning. After a breakfast meal, the tents were packed up and the hike continued back to the gathering place. Once there, the equipment was packed into the cars and the comrades said their goodbyes until next time.