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Music Video: Moder Svea


MUSIC. The Nordic Resistance Movement presents Moder Svea (Mother Sweden), a new song by Nordfront writer Marita Andersson, with English subtitles.

Marita Andersson is best known as a respected writer for the Resistance Movement’s Swedish news site Nordfront, but she isn’t just gifted at writing investigative articles – she has also had a long career in the music industry. Now she’s used her talents to create new, nationalist music.

Speaking on Studio Bothnia, one of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s live shows, Marita informed viewers that the lyrics to the song were written by Resistance man and nationalist veteran Bo Nilsson. Marita discovered the lyrics by chance when she was doing research for a feature article about Nilsson to coincide with his candidacy for the Boden municipal council last autumn. Marita asked Bo if she could put the words to music, which he thought was a great idea.

Once the song had been pre-recorded, a music video was edited and produced by Andreas Holmvall.

Marita Andersson, Moder Svea

Marita has had a passion for music since she was a child, when she composed her first melodies on her grandmother’s piano. Over the years, this passion led to many musical experiences, such as appearing on the Swedish TV shows Nyhetsmorgon and Go’kväll, as well as recording an album and performing live.

However, Marita came to realise that the music industry was extremely cynical and that there was no room for any true passion for music. Everything was about money, and the higher up you went, the more sordid the business became. On Studio Bothnia, Marita gave the example of a contract proposal from the USA which stipulated how many times she and her sister should exercise and sunbathe each week. Marita said that it feels so much better to be involved with a team of idealists at Nordfront, where everyone works together with the shared aim of creating a healthy culture.

Marita Andersson

Studio Bothnia co-host Simon Homlqvist said: “This is just the beginning. With all the new equipment we’ve been able to buy thanks to our viewers, we hope to create more music, wholesome culture and expand our operations further.”