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My path from communist to National Socialist

Nordic Resistance Movement activist Sturla Vikmo details the reasons for his conversion from communism to National Socialism.


IDEOLOGY. It was only when I became a communist that my racial awakening began. It led me to National Socialism…

Communist and Nordic Resistance Movement symbols

For a long time I wasn’t interested in the racial question. For a long time I sympathised with communism, with its anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism and anti-parliamentarianism (views which, one way or another, also exist in National Socialism). It was this opposition to capitalism, imperialism and parliamentarianism that motivated me to become a member of a communist organisation. That “anti-racism” came with it, wasn’t something I gave much thought to, at least not in the beginning.

Call me naïve, but initially I wasn’t aware that “anti-racism” was a core aspect of communist activity, and in many ways its main activity. This lack of realisation was likely due to my successful indoctrination by society at large, which ensured that “anti-racism” was something I never questioned. “Anti-racism” was never a motivating factor when I became a communist, but because I had an unconscious connection to “anti-racism”, I accepted it as part of the package, without really thinking about it.

Norwegian "No racists on our streets" banner
Communist “No racists on our streets” banner

The “fight against fascism” awoke my curiosity

Few people are so obsessed with “fascism” as communists. According to the Marxist vocabulary and worldview, fascism is the most repressive form of bourgeois power. At one time I was used to thinking of “fascism” as a somewhat inferior version of Marxism, but not necessarily worse than modern day society. Therefore it was the hatred some of my fellow communists had for fascism that awoke my curiosity. Why were they seemingly more engaged in “crushing fascism” than working towards a revolution? I began to study our “fascist” opponents; that is to say, self-proclaimed National Socialists. Rather than putting me off, the process only made me more interested in their views.

Nordic Resistance Movement activist hands out leaflets

Decisive experiences

It still took time for me to relinquish the class struggle as my leading political principle. The deciding factor in saying goodbye to Marxism and becoming a National Socialist with the Resistance Movement was the experiences I had as a communist activist. I realised that, under the pretence of leading the “workers’ fight against capitalism”, communists were in reality just fighting against the Nordic people. They did this under the guise of both “anti-racism” and “anti-fascism” but also by identifying immigrants as an important part (in fact, the most important part) of the working class in the Nordics today.

The communists purposefully recruited members from foreign ethnic groups ahead of others. The “anti-racist” message appealed to immigrants and attracted them to the movement. Despite the communists’ claims that society’s main conflict was between the workers and capitalists, I couldn’t help but notice that in reality they were more interested in fomenting opposition between different races, and always to the detriment of the Nordic people. Via this practice they helped make this the main conflict in society today.

When I finally felt confident that National Socialism wasn’t a “capitalist reign of terror” but an ideology that in fact attends to regular workers’ interests – without compromising on the strength, health and survival of our race and unique identity – there wasn’t much left to doubt. I was a National Socialist!

Nordic Resistance Movement activists with shields

It’s never too late to make the right choice

A people’s solidarity with their own ethnic group – their own flesh and blood – runs deep. This solidarity is natural. Often people aren’t conscious of something so ingrained. It’s like breathing. Something not so obvious, which nevertheless affects our people’s thoughts, are the anti-white forces that surround us in our daily lives. The same applies to our debased culture’s fixation on money as an all-important determiner, a characteristic shared by both capitalists and Marxists, proving they aren’t so different as they would like to believe.

It’s never too late to realise that your political home is with the real opposition to today’s regime – that your home is with your own people, with National Socialism!