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National Day celebration in Nest 7


COMMUNITY. On the National Day of Sweden, members and supporters from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 7 met for a day of recreation and comradeship.

Nest 7 members enjoy fun and games on National Day 2019

The schedule was packed with activities and featured tug-of-war, archery and many other games, some deriving from Viking and medieval pastimes, like Halmstråhoppning and Lugga Björn:

Halmstråhoppning (straw jumping): Stand with your feet together, just behind a piece of straw, holding your toes with your fingers, and try to jump over the straw without letting go of your toes.

Lugga Björn: Sit on the floor with a pole tucked under your knees and into the crooks of your arms. Hold your ears with your hands and try to stand up.

Later in the day, when it was a little cooler, the grill was lit for dinner, which everyone was looking forward to after several hours in the burning sun.

Many discussions were had during and after dinner, from anecdotes from various activities to the news headlines. After everyone was refilled with energy from the fantastic food, the day rolled on with more activities and games, before evening came and the comrades all bid one another farewell until next time.