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National Socialism – “The optimal defiance”


INTERVIEW. “For as long as we can, we should call ourselves National Socialists,” explains Fredrik Vejdeland.

Around the country, members of the Nordic Resistance Movement are being provided with internal lectures from the organisation’s national leadership. As the Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg stated in a previous interview:

We must ensure that our members not only increase in number but that they also attain a certain standard so that the organisation is strengthened proportionally with the growth in membership. An important aspect of this is ideological training and education.

In recent months, several such lectures have been held in Dalarna. Jimmy Thunlind explained how the Emperor Has No Clothes and how society has become as dishonest as that in HC Andersen’s fairytale. Simon Lindberg spoke at another meeting about self-improvement and the potential which can blossom from a person as a result of the right will and motivation.

Most recently, Fredrik Vejdeland held a talk focussing on the subject of National Socialism from a new perspective. He explained the advantages of the National Socialist ideology and how it fares in modern society.

In contrast to other nationalist-minded individuals, who reason that National Socialism is tainted and should be forgotten, Fredrik explained that National Socialism in fact constitutes the optimal defiance against the current system. National Socialism is the antithesis to modern society’s destructive thought patterns.

Fredrik Vejdeland
Fredrik Vejdeland visited Dalarna: “Nationalism is a dead end. It can yield fast success, but it will not ultimately save us from destruction.”

By putting forward five key arguments for National Socialism, Fredrik emphasises various positive aspects of the ideology. National Socialism gives us proper guidance, unlike other empty alternatives. It contributes to organisational stability. It possesses a warrior spirit without equal. It is a concrete ideology, unlike hard-to-define nationalist alternatives. And it has a strategically sustainable approach.

National Socialism represents the ultimate defiance and creates idealistic people who cannot be bought by the system. It is honourable and attracts brave men and women who are ready to fight. In response to my question as to the main thing we should take from the lecture, Fredrik said: “As long as we can, we should call ourselves National Socialists.”

Fredrik Vejdeland with members from Nest 5 in Dalarna
Fredrik Vejdeland together with activists from Dalarna’s Nest 5

After Fredrik’s speech, I asked him a few questions, during which he promised to return to this subject in a future publication.

When did you first have the idea of holding a speech on National Socialism?

I have held speeches on National Socialism before and have also published a booklet on our world view. But the specific issues in this particular speech are ones I have thought about over the last few years.

Are there any aspects relating to National Socialism which aren’t generally discussed that you wanted to analyse in your speech?

Yes. We have already published a great many good articles, pamphlets and books on the subject. My recommendations are the Nordic Resistance Movement’s activist handbook, our political programme and the 20-year anniversary book. These explain the National Socialistic ideology in broad strokes.

What I think is missing is a more argumentative publication that explains National Socialism’s role in modern times and in the struggle. Why do we even call ourselves National Socialists when our ideology is viewed as being so tainted? Is it because of some fixed idea, pure stubbornness, or perhaps even stupidity? Or are there strategic as well as moralistic reasons for our choice? We are well acquainted with the disadvantages of professing an ideology which the system has branded as pure evil, but what are the advantages for an organisation that is motivated by and driven forward by this ideology? And which additional advantages will a National Socialist organisation have further into the future?

This speech is directed at those who are already National Socialists, but it also gives many answers to other nationalists who have not yet understood what our strategy is. My plan is that this speech – which I will give several times – will eventually result in a physical publication.

Do you see any problems with people contenting themselves with just being “regular nationalists”, even if they don’t take an active stance against National Socialism?

Nationalism is a dead end. It can yield fast success, but it will not ultimately save us from destruction. Nationalism lacks an intrinsic strength and offers no real alternative to the ruling system and its ideology. There can be brave and self-sacrificing individuals in a nationalist organisation, but a nationalist organisation in itself does not create fighters who are prepared to sacrifice everything for a higher cause.

I have no problem at all with other nationalists, as long as they do not take an active stance against National Socialism. It is not we National Socialists, or for that matter the ethnonationalists or identitarians, who have power in society and are destroying our people. I believe nationalists should always stick together against the external enemy. Those who take the system’s side against another nationalist group or figure should be seen as enemies to the cause.

Fredrik Vejdeland with members from Nest 5 in Dalarna

How do you think the ideology of National Socialism is doing compared to other competing nationalistic ideologies or newly invented isms?

In Sweden and the Nordics, we are definitely competitive. There is a lot of focus on the Nordic Resistance Movement from abroad, which is extremely positive and bodes well for the future. To take an example of how we’re doing here in Sweden, it’s a fact that we, a National Socialist organisation, dominate alternative media in the nationalist scene, both in the number of “consumers” and successful projects. We still have the biggest demonstrations, even under the most difficult conditions, and our core of brave and self-sacrificing activists is steadily growing. So it’s not going so badly for the National Socialist struggle in Sweden.

At what age did you develop your political convictions? Did you have other political opinions before you became a National Socialist?

It’s difficult to say exactly. I became a nationalist sometime in high school and National Socialist sometime in senior high school. During the years leading to my real awakening, I was involved in some Leftist circles, without getting snared by Marxism.

I was like all the others. I saw National Socialism as pure evil, and as such I resisted it for several years. But when I really understood National Socialism, it was like I understood how the whole world was structured and what was important in life – important enough to sacrifice everything for. Since then I have only become more convinced that National Socialism is the only cure for a sick world. The National Socialist conviction is what has kept me going through all these years and filled me with motivation during hard times.