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Nationwide clean-up activism in Denmark


ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Danish Nests collected waste throughout Denmark over the past week and delivered it to the responsible parties. The action took place in accordance with Point 6 of Our Path, which describes man’s responsibility for the protection of nature.

Over the past week, Danish Nordic Resistance Movement activists conducted a nationwide waste collection. The waste was subsequently delivered to the responsible politicians.

All the Nordic Resistance Movement Nests in Denmark took part in the action. The Activist Groups gathered in selected areas across the country, where they picked up the litter irresponsible people had thrown into the countryside, on beaches, in forests, along roads and in cities.

Plastic, polystyrene, various pieces of packaging and cigarette butts were the most prevalent items filling the bags by the end of the day.

Two Resistance Movement members collect rubbish

Because the country’s politicians are supposed to be the ones responsible for maintaining a sustainable society that does not take precedence over nature, the Nordic Resistance Movement delivered the collected waste to their doors. Waste was delivered to town halls and politicians’ private residences.

The Nordic Resistance Movement does not accept the deprioritisation of our environment by incompetent politicians who believe their own careers are more important than our shared natural environment.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is the only political alternative that wholeheartedly cares about nature and will resolutely fight for a clean environment and pursue sustainable environmental policies.

Here activists from Nest 2 delivered bags of waste to the responsible politicians:

The next morning, the politicians could start dealing with the waste the activists from Nest 2 delivered

Here activists from Nest 1 delivered waste to a residence of one of the responsible politicians:

The responsible politician had the collected waste delivered to his front door

As National Socialists, we realize that humans are a part of nature and therefore must live according to its laws. The Nordic Resistance Movement is the only political alternative in the Nordic region that wholeheartedly cares for nature, including the biological diversity of mankind. The values of National Socialism as a promoter of nature must eventually spread across the globe and radically replace the parasitical frame of mind humans currently have with nature. Without the National Socialist way of thinking, where humans are an integral part of nature with the responsibility to care for it, mankind will perish.

From Our Path, Point 6