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Nest 1 enjoy abseiling and comradeship in the wilderness


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Members and activists from Nest 1 recently visited the great outdoors for socialising and abseiling practice.

Nordic Resistance Movement members abseiling

On Saturday 16 March, members and activists from Nest 1 went to the woods to enjoy Nordic nature, socialise with comrades and practise abseiling down some slippery and treacherous cliffs.

The day began with everyone being divided into groups for a competition to see who could build and light a fire the fastest. This was easier said than done in the damp woodlands, but even so all the groups managed to accomplish the task in good time. Meanwhile another group were busy getting things ready for the abseiling. They set up the ropes, harnesses and safety gear and tested lowering themselves down to check everything was working well.

When the ropes were secure and the fires were lit, those who wanted to try abseiling went up the mountain to receive instructions. Everyone present attempted a descent despite some being first-timers and having a fear of heights.

Some comrades contented themselves with one go, while others were practically glued to the cliffs. In order to test themselves under different conditions, the group also tried descending while secured with carabiner rings as well as just with the ropes.

Meanwhile the rest of the Nest members sat and socialised around the fire. Eventually the comrades started heading home, all of them satisfied with the day’s activities.

Nordic Resistance Movement members building a fire in the wilderness