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Nest 2 martial arts training in Trollhättan


TRAINING. Sweden’s Nest 2 held an extensive and informative training session in Trollhättan last Saturday.

Nest 2 martial arts training sessionMembers and activists from across Sweden’s Nest 2 gathered to train together on Saturday, 13 March. The first item on the schedule was technique training involving the most basic types of punches.

Everyone was then divided into pairs and groups based on their level of knowledge and requirements. Some moved on to kicking or different punching combos, while others continued to practise the basics.

Nest 2 martial arts training sessionActivists were also given training in how to defend themselves against blunt objects like baseball bats and batons. This is best done by getting close to the attacker, as this renders blunt weapons like batons almost useless.

Nest 2 martial arts training sessionWhen this method was put into practice, it resulted in both comrades tumbling to the ground and engaging in wild wrestling matches. During several of these encounters, minor injuries occurred, and blood was literally gushing at times.

After some much-needed lessons in disarmament, it was time for sparring. The rounds were occasionally hard and intense, but the participants fought bravely.

The training was very successful, and more sessions of a similar type have already been scheduled.

Nest 2 martial arts training session