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Nest 2 meeting with lecture in Borås


MEETING. On 29th February comrades, supporter members and sympathisers, along with their children and other family members, gathered in Borås municipality to attend the nest’s monthly meeting. On the agenda was a lecture by Tobias Lindberg about the risks of vaccinations.

Nest 2 Nordic Resistance Movement meeting

After a little mingling and shopping at the nationalist stalls, which included the activism table and a Midgård stall, it was time for the lecture. Meanwhile next door there was entertainment for the children, who could play and draw, as well as win sweets from the traditional Swedish “fish pond” lucky dip game.

Tobias spoke about the history of vaccines and how doctors with both money and prestige wrote history which partially or completely lacked scientific proof regarding vaccinations and their effect on man. In particular he demonstrated the connection of the use of the environmental poison DDT and polio.

During a break, the attendees enjoyed a good lunch and drank coffee together.

The lecture concluded with a Q&A session in which the audience asked questions and discussed how to oppose the constant meddling from child care centres. After the Q&A the monthly meeting itself was held, with debriefings and discussions about very exciting future plans.