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Nest 2 outdoors activity in Borås


NATURE. On Saturday 17 August comrades from Nest 2 in Borås came together for an activity out in the woods.

The activity began with navigation exercises with the use of map and compass for orientating from one place to another. It was soon obvious to all the participants that orientation in the woods is challenging and that it’s easy to lose one’s direction in the dense forests. That’s why the knowledge of correctly using map and compass is imperative for all outdoors enthusiasts and soldiers alike. The hike included footpaths, marshlands and hills.

On arrival at their destination, the comrades trained in building fires with fire starters, which turned out to be easier than anticipated in the rainy weather. Food was prepared and many interesting discussions took place. Knives, field kitchens, axes and collapsible shovels were compared and shown around, and everybody got to learn something new. Later, it was time for a theory course regarding personal hygiene in the wilderness, how to avoid sore feet and how to clean water by using a makeshift or regular water filter. When the activity was over, the comrades headed to the starting point where new activities in the Nordic wilderness were planned.