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Nest 3 “confronted” by immigrant gang in Sölvesborg


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 3 continued their Blood and Soil campaign with public leaflet distributions in Kristianstad and Sölvesborg.

Sölvesborg NRM leafleting activity

On Saturday 19 March, activists from Nest 3 went to the C4 shopping centre outside Kristianstad, where they handed out leaflets for just over an hour. The activists report that the reactions were mixed, but mostly positive.

The activity was a continuation of the Nest’s Blood and Soil campaign. Many people were out and about, presumably to take advantage of the spring weather. Several activists got to practise their debating skills on the day, as there were many interested people present who wanted to know more about the Resistance Movement and its aims.

Sölvesborg NRM leafleting activity

On the same day, leaflets were also delivered outside the Ica store in central Sölvesborg. The police arrived on site after approximately half an hour and observed that everything was calm.

This calm subsided after a while, however, when a local immigrant gang was confronted following a minor provocation. This resulted in a heated debate between the activists and the racial foreigners, who were very offended by the Resistance Movement’s presence. As is usually the case in such hostile situations, the racial foreigners started talking about how dangerous they are and the kind of people they know.

Sölvesborg NRM leafleting activity

After explaining to the racial foreigners that Sölvesborg – just like the rest of the North – belongs to White men, and that the activists will not be adapting to their wishes, they started calling all their friends for “reinforcements”, saying things like, “Get all the boys!”

The leaflet distribution continued as the foreign gang grew in numbers, until the activists felt compelled to band together. When the foreigners felt strong enough and numbered 15 people, together with a couple of young, misguided White Swedes and other acquaintances, they plucked up the courage to approach the activists.

Immigrant gang at NRM public activity, Sölvesborg, Sweden

Disorganised, and without any kind of discipline, they walked over to the activists and continued their “Sölvesborg belongs to us” posturing. However, the activists did not let themselves be provoked and stood firm in their position.

Although the racial foreigners’ mouths were yammering and their demeanours were aggressive, they avoided physical confrontation, despite their advantage in both numbers and presumably weapons.

Immigrant gang at NRM public activity, Sölvesborg, Sweden

At some point during the attempted confrontation, the racial foreigners realised the activists were not the kind of cucked Swedes they are used to. They clearly understood that the Resistance men did not intend to back down, and that if they tried to take on the activists physically, it would end very badly for both parties. This caused the racial foreigners’ morale to sink, while the activists remained ready and defiant. In other words, it was a lot of talk and no action.

Immigrant gang at NRM public activity, Sölvesborg, Sweden

One by one, the racial foreigners began to slink away to their nice expensive cars, which they had boasted so much about during the “confrontation”; and soon only the activists remained, on the same spot they had stood the whole time. The young White Swedes, who had initially appeared to idolise the older racial foreigners, now had some food for thought, after seeing who turned on their heels first and who stood firm.

Nest 3 of the Resistance Movement will return to the Sweden Democrat-controlled municipality of Sölvesborg soon and awaken hope within more lost Swedish youths.