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Nest 4 – Monthly meeting and expedition in the forest


ACTIVISM. On Saturday the 30th of March Nest 4 gathered for the customary meeting of the month.

When all the members arrived at the destination of the meeting they were ordered to dispatch to the nearby forest. The members went on a beautiful forest hike, with their writing material and lunch in their backpacks, on a mostly snow-covered terrain along mighty streaming creeks amplified from the melting snow all around.

The destination was unknown to all but the leader of the nest who also ordered everybody to keep silent in order to enjoy the sounds of nature all around without the unnecessary babble! After a real fight upwards the side of a mountain the members finally arrived at the destination of the day’s monthly meeting.

The meeting was about the recently introduced changes in the structure of the organization and how they will affect Nest 4. New posts and responsibilities were allocated to all present in order to make the most of the knowledge and skills among the members of the nest. The meeting was followed by a short briefing about orientation by map reading and the use of a compass and the newly acquired skills were put to practice as the group navigated to a new position in the forest where lunch would be prepared.

After a demanding hike up and down the mountain and thanks to the successful use of map and compass, the members arrived at the destination where lunch would later be cooked. However, the day’s activities were not over yet as some of the members decided to venture further in the forest and the rest stayed behind to prepare lunch. Some time later the scouting group returned, and all the comrades enjoyed their food together.