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Nest 5 raise awareness of ABB-imported rapists in Ludvika


ACTIVISM. On Saturday an activity was held to inform the people of Ludvika about the recently convicted rapists who were imported to Sweden by the ABB corporation.

“ABB import rapists!”

The public activity was held in central Ludvika to inform local people that ABB imported two rapists to the town: Vijay Arumugam and Enam Khan.

Both men were employed at the ABB plant in Ludvika and were recently convicted for the rape of a woman in May 2019. They were sentenced to just 2.5 years and 3 years in prison, respectively. News of the case has been suppressed by the company and local media.

ABB in Ludvika are known for accommodating a large number of imported workers, including everyone from specialists to regular manual workers. According to ABB, Swedes do not have the competence to operate their plant in Ludvika, but the reality is that imported labour brings state and municipal funding, which can make mass immigration very lucrative.

Before the 2018 election, ABB also led an aggressive agitation campaign against the Nordic Resistance Movement and in favour of continued mass immigration. In an article in Svenska Dagbladet, they were said to be establishing a “united front” against the Nordic Resistance Movement together with other companies who profit from mass immigration.

During the activity, activists stood in central parts of Ludvika with a banner and gave out leaflets at various locations, including outside the Systembolaget store.

Nordfront has been in contact with Markus Nordh, who leads Nest 5’s activist group, to ask some questions about the day’s activity.

How did the activity go?

The activity went well overall, despite the current climate caused by the coronavirus. There were somewhat fewer people in town than on a usual Saturday, but many were in need of buying refreshments as normal. A large quantity of leaflets were distributed, and our banner got good exposure, as there were a lot of cars driving about.

How did people react to the information about the rapes?

You could see that people had something else on their minds. No one had any strong feelings in any direction.

Was there anything especially memorable that happened during the day?

The best thing about the day was probably meeting a nationalist from Uppsala who was very happy that we are holding our 1 May demonstration in the city.

Are more activities planned for the future?

There will of course be more activities going forwards. The struggle never rests.

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

I would encourage all readers to join our demonstration in Uppsala on 1 May. It’s the least someone can do for their people right now, not to mention the fact that it’s a lot of fun. See you in Uppsala!