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Nest 6 activism on the ice in Luleå


ACTIVISM. Nest 6’s activist group recently visited Luleå to rally the people against the corrupt rule of the municipality.

On Saturday 7th March Nest 6’s activist division conducted a public activity on Luleå’s ice-covered harbour. For the occasion, local activists produced a leaflet to rally the townspeople against the corrupt elite that misgovern the municipality.

The sun was shining as the activists assembled with flags and leaflets on the ice at Luleå’s South Harbour, where local people gather at the weekends to walk and skate.

A couple of hundred leaflets changed hands and many interesting conversations with locals took place during the two-plus hours the activist group was present.

Nordic Resistance Movement activist on ice-covered harbour in Luleå
A happy David Nilsson. Photo: Nordfront.
Simon Holmqvist and Robert Eklund talk with the people of Luleå. Photo: Nordfront.

The police also visited South Harbour on the day and showed a great deal of interest in the informative activity that was taking place on the ice. At most there were seven police officers present, one for each Resistance man.

It appeared that at least one of the police officers didn’t like the fact that the constitution allows people to influence opinions in public places, which a policewoman admitted when Nordfront’s camera was rolling.

Luleå police on thin ice. Photo: Nordfront.

Otherwise it was a pleasant day in Luleå, and Nest 6’s activist group hopes to return soon.

Leaflet text:

This message is directed especially to people like you who love Norrland’s countryside and everything it has to offer – beautiful mountains, expansive forests and wonderful ski and snowmobile trails. However, the time you spend in this fantastic countryside, which you most likely take for granted, is under threat.

No, we are not referring to some supposed climate change via carbon dioxide emissions. Neither do we mean the 400 kronor fee the municipality has introduced for people to exercise their legal right of public access along the ski trail in Ormberget – with the aim of covering the increasing costs of mass immigration.

What we’re talking about is the coming total upheaval that will befall us thanks to the traitor politicians’ misrule. The closure of village schools and destruction of care for the elderly is nothing compared to what will come in the future if mass immigration and corruption is allowed to continue.

When our cities are on fire and public services completely shut down despite constantly rising taxes, you will most likely not have the peace of mind, time or money to enjoy Norrland’s countryside. When your daughter is being raped and your son is being mugged, you will have other things to deal with.

But this destructive future for our Norrland is not unavoidable. There is still time to rise up and fight back. Join us in the Nordic Resistance Movement. We are organising the resistance!