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Nest 8 monthly meeting with presentation on Nordic food


MEETING. Resistance men and women from Nest 8 met at a member’s farm in the countryside for their monthly meeting on Sunday 5th July.

Due to the rainy weather, it was decided that the martial arts training would be moved from being the first item on the agenda to the last, in the hope that the rain would leave off.

The monthly meeting was thus the first item on the schedule. It began with a new, young and enthusiastic member from a city where the organisation previously lacked representation being given a hearty welcome.

It was noted that the past month had included two public activities, the first of their kind in a while. The total number of activities was slightly lower than the previous month’s record; however, the coming month promises to bring even more activism.

Jimmy speaks about the coming month.

The theme for the day’s combined presentation and meal was Nordic food. The host of the presentation and the day’s cook was the nest’s very own Lotta Eriksson. She had prepared a large number of dishes that were typical in the Nordic countries during Viking times, as well as presenting some of the ingredients that were commonly used during this period.

The table featured a number of cabbage dishes; high-quality pork; diverse homemade sausages made of pork, barley and various herbs; a nourishing pea soup; home-baked crispbread; home-churned salted butter; hazelnuts; smetana; and strawberry jam with honey. To quench people’s thirst, there was also buttermilk and mead.

Lotta details all the foods on the table.

The concept of a well-informed presentation and a taste-testing was met with great approval, with Lotta’s culinary skills and knowledge about Viking Age culture impressing the attendees. Many found it interesting to learn about how we can gain such a broad knowledge about the Vikings’ eating habits today, which curious readers can find out more about in Lotta’s next speech. The presentation and meal were concluded with a quiz.

The quality of the food and its lengthy and extensive consumption made for some very full attendees, some of whom had difficulty getting up from where they were seated. When they were reminded that martial arts training still had to be completed in the pouring rain, there were some audible groans.

But once the Resistance men were in place in the cooling rain, their warrior spirit emerged, and everyone applied themselves like true fighters who had just devoured a Viking meal.