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Nest Days in Västergötland


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Earlier this summer Nest 2 arranged their Nest Days with games, food and comradery.

Earlier in July, members of Nest 2 came together in the beautiful, natural environment of Västergötland’s picturesque countryside for a weekend of sports, education, bathing, good food and comradeship. The Nest’s very capable coordinator had put together a demanding and interesting programme for the weekend full of activities, starting with a fivefold sport activity that challenged both body and soul.

Simon Engelin held an interesting lecture on the deeper meaning of a folkish community and the importance of cultivating a strong bond between resistance men and women alike. Next on the programme was a course in emergency health care and martial arts, which taught the participants how to stop (and create) bleeding – lessons appreciated by all.

Dinner was followed by a bath in the lake and a game of American football before the monthly meeting and Sebastian Elofsson’s afternoon presentation. After a good night’s sleep, the members’ group had breakfast with porridge, eggs and more. The activists’ group, however, had been out all night on a rigorous march in the woods until the early dawn. They returned hungry as wolves, as lunch was being served after the members’ group had finished a lecture on different ideological concepts and notions.

At the end of the day, the comrades thanked each other and returned to their everyday lives content and rejuvenated.