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New Nordic life – A miracle of nature


In this personal account, the leader of the Resistance Movement writes about his newborn son and other Nordic children as a miracle of nature.

Father in different languages graphicBy now there are probably not many of our members and loyal supporters who have missed the fact that I have become a father for the fourth time. My perfect little baby boy is now two weeks old.

Perhaps those who do not yet have children think there is nothing special about becoming a father again when you already have three children. Others maybe think there is nothing special about becoming a father at all, but that it’s more of an extraordinary experience for the mother to become a parent. I maintain that both of these opinions are completely wrong.

Simon Lindberg and baby
A tired father with his equally tired son, here just three hours old

Of course I can only speak from my own personal perspective, because maybe it’s not exactly the same for all fathers, but for me it is indescribably fantastic and special in every case. Every single one of my children is unique, and now that I have become a father for the fourth time it feels in many respects like becoming one for the first time – despite the fact that it’s the fourth occasion in my life I’ve felt like this.

Naturally you learn something from the experience of the previous children, but at the same time the sensation is so overwhelming and almost magical that it feels like you have never before experienced anything like it in your life, even though in my case I know I have actually experienced more or less the same thing three times previously.

As a little anecdote, the first published article I ever wrote, aside from some activism reports, was a tribute in the webzine Den Svenske to my firstborn son, who entered this world fifteen years ago now. Even though I was in another place in my life, I felt then, just like now, a great need to pay homage to this wonder via the written word, as it stirred such magnificent feelings within me.

A newborn child, a new Nordic life. Another link in the chain of my blood going back thousands and thousands of years, and hopefully, via our victorious struggle, one that will go forwards for at least as long. Everything my ancestors ever endured and accomplished has led to the creation of this new life. So many details, not just in history, but also only in my comparatively short life, which, had they just been a tiny bit different, would have led to my fine boy not even existing.

Everything in my life changed in the blink of an eye for the fourth time – in just a single second, from not being there, to being a completely essential part of my life. So many feelings of love, pride and responsibility for this little fellow, from just knowing that he exists and watching him take his little breaths.

Unfailing love for a child created in my image that fills my heart until the day I die. Enormous pride in this, one of my four most amazing creations ever. An incomparable responsibility to be there for him and do absolutely everything I can to give him the best chance possible – and thus a reminder of the promise I once made: to give everything I have in the struggle for the future of our descendants.

Some things are worth fighting for graphic

Yes, the future… He does not just exist here and now, and will not be small forever. If the present time is not enough to understand the greatness of this new life, then I only need to think of every moment I myself have lived – all the memories, all the joy and sorrow, all the love and hate I have ever felt. As much again will he experience, survive, be discouraged and overcome, hopefully then to create the next part of the blood link himself together with the Nordic woman he will one day take as his companion in life.

Perhaps as a fighting National Socialist, I live my life in earnest instead of escaping from it, and therefore I am more in contact with my inner self than many other Swedish men and “men”. But surely everyone must still realise that a new child is always a miracle?

Nature is flawless and is manifested in the best possible way by bringing a new Nordic life into the world. It’s miracle that I wish all my kinsmen with the right conditions will experience – preferably again and again because, as I said, it’s just as fantastic every time.

By the right conditions, I do not mean whether you have the finances for it or not, because I never have, but I have still managed fine. I do not mean that you must necessarily find the “right one” or have reached some particular maturity in life. I was 22 years old and not even together with the mother of my first child, but it still went well nonetheless. Such comparatively worldly things frankly pale in importance next to a miracle of nature.

New life pregnant lady

No, I’m talking of course about the right biological conditions. For as a wise man once said: an even bigger sacrifice for the people than having children is to abstain from it; for example, if one has serious hereditary diseases. All praise to you who make that choice for those reasons. You others, however – do not let excuses stand in the way of living life to its fullest, both now and in thousands of years to come through your progeny. The fate of the world is at stake, and our people are threatened. What we need is more Nordic miracles!

A newborn Nordic life is also a great achievement for our people, as it is a part of the vanguard against our biological downfall, and a part of the struggle that will win a future in which our people reach the stars. Every newborn Nordic boy or girl is a part of the essential Nordic revolution!

Tomorrow belongs to us NRM