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New Year celebrations in Bohuslän


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Sweden’s Nest 2 organised their traditional New Year celebration for the Nest’s members and sympathisers on New Year’s Eve 2020.

The celebration naturally consisted of lots of good food and splendid comradeship. For dinner, a freshly felled deer with potato salad was served, which was much appreciated.

After dinner, some very elegant cakes were served that had been baked by comrades from the Nest. These proved very popular with the many children who were present.

The National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland then gave a speech about the past year, in which he placed great focus on continuing our optimism for the future into the coming year.

Although many attendees went home in the evening, the remainder of the guests continued the New Year celebrations into the small hours.

Nest 2 bids the new year welcome!