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No shame or guilt as the Resistance Movement take to the streets of Jönköping


ACTIVISM. The people of Småland’s largest city were informed about the holocaust hoax via a public action on “holocaust memorial day”.

The day began with the comrades going to the eastern centre of Jönköping, where they took up positions with a banner and four flags. The banner read, “No Shame No Guilt. The Holocaust Never Happened”. The Resistance men also handed out leaflets on the same topic to locals.

“No Shame – No Guilt. The Holocaust Never Happened”

The police made their traditional appearance, this time after some passers-by panicked when they saw the Resistance Movement using its constitutional right to spread its message. A policeman approached and talked to a comrade but soon came to the realisation that the Resistance men were not going to move or end their action. Since no illegal act was being committed, the police could not do anything about it.

The day’s eye-catching message led to interesting conversations with open-minded people, but also to exchanges with brainwashed individuals, mostly older Swedes. It soon became apparent that the holocaust hoax was deeply ingrained in them. They could not provide any proof of their beliefs, instead mostly saying that they “will never forget”. But the Resistance men did not receive any intelligible answers as to what they would never forget.

Something the Resistance men will not forget is an article by the local tabloid Jönköpings-posten about the Resistance Movement’s activism, which will be the subject of a separate article in the coming days.

After handing out a large number of leaflets, the group rolled up the banner and headed back to the gathering place, where they summarised the action, before continuing to conduct activism.