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Noora wins against “Net Hate Inspector” in court


FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Noora Isojärvi has been acquitted in her trial for “hate speech” in relation to an image posted on VK.

Noora Isojärvi at court

On Wednesday, 24 February, Noora Isojärvi attended her trial in Eksjö District Court, Sweden, accompanied by comrades from Nest 7. The “Net Hate Inspector” Tomas Åberg, who has a habit of wasting the Swedish people’s money on harassing people with opinions he doesn’t like, had accused Noora – without proof – of posting a photo collage on the social media site VK that he claimed constituted incitement to racial hatred.

A weary-looking Åberg participated in the trial via video link. He rambled on in confusion and wanted Noora to be given a prison sentence. The judge and lay assessors seemed to think the whole thing was a bit absurd.

Goebbels quote posted on social media
The image that Tomas Åberg claimed Noora posted

The verdict came at 2 p.m. on Wednesday and saw Noora acquitted completely. Noora commented:

“I think it’s completely right and proper not to convict people when there is no evidence. It feels very good to see that the system worked this time.

“I’m very satisfied. Although it’s a bit of a shame, because now I won’t get one of the Resistance Movement’s ‘Incitement to Racial Hatred’ medals!”