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Nordic Days 2019


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement held this year’s edition of Nordic Days on Saturday, 24 August. The event was well attended and proved very popular with everyone involved.

After an eventful summer, activists and members of the Nordic Resistance Movement gathered in Småland for 2019’s Nordic Days. There was much anticipation in the air as numbers grew outside the meeting place on a sunny Saturday morning. Even though this year’s Nordic Days was an internal event for members and a few select guests, the attendance was just as good as last year, when invitations were open to sympathisers and support members.

Nordic Days 2019 organisers
Some of the Nordic Days organisers

The day began with Nest 7 Chief Magnus Wardmo bidding everyone welcome and introducing the Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, as the first speaker of the day. In his introductory speech, Simon spoke about recent events and rumours, before declaring that Nordic National Socialists remain strong and united under the Tyr rune, free from negativity and betrayal.

Nordic Days 2019

Next followed reports from Sweden’s Nordic sister nations. Tommy Olsen, Leader of the Resistance Movement’s Norwegian branch, reported that operations in Norway have strengthened with a new leadership, new members and improvements to the Frihetskamp website.

Jacob Andersen, a Nest Chief in Denmark, also attested to a strong sense of unity and engagement in his homeland, with many noteworthy propaganda activities during the year.

“The freedom flag waves proudly in Denmark!” Andersen affirmed.

Greetings from comrades from Iceland and Finland were also read aloud and included reports of continued resolute struggle and loyalty.

Nordic Days 2019

Fredrik Vejdeland, one of the Resistance Movement’s National Leadership members, held a short presentation about how National Socialists must work to build “societies in society”. He said this would involve comrades creating an exchange system via increased self-sufficiency and supporting one another rather than patronising greedy hostile interests. A number of products created by members were later shown as inspiration, and farmers also offered free tasters of their crops.

After a hearty lunch and an exciting pentathlon, everyone reconvened in the meeting locale for a reminder about the important work of the Prisoner Help project, which supports comrades who have been fined or incarcerated.

This was followed by Fredrik Vejdeland’s second speech of the day. He spoke of how the Resistance Movement’s political activities are like an army that doesn’t just consist of soldiers and officers, but also of vital maintenance personnel.

Fredrik Vejdeland speaks at the Nordic Resistance Movement's 2019 Nordic Days

In the Resistance Movement, the officers are Nest Chiefs, and the soldiers are the Movement’s heroes: the self-sacrificing activists. But the activists are also dependent on support from propaganda and media personnel, writers, recruiters, meeting organisers and so forth.

Fredrik also noted that great revolutions have never been accomplished with just leaders or soldiers, but have only occurred with broad popular support in the shape of general strikes and other such acts of resistance.

Simon Lindberg speaks at the Nordic Resistance Movement's 2019 Nordic Days

After a pause for dinner, it was time for the day’s highlight: Simon Lindberg’s evening speech and the accompanying awards ceremony. The speech’s theme was “My Honour Is Loyalty”. Simon described how honour, faithfulness, honesty and loyalty are characteristics that form the spirit of National Socialism.

With a strong passion, Simon spoke about how we as Aryans naturally embody honour, altruism and fanaticism. He emphasised that the most important quality of a National Socialist is not his physical capacities or high education, but a true spirit of self-sacrifice.

“Even though I’m not blind to the importance of optics, our organisation must be built more on self-sacrifice than on optics,” he said. “Beauty through action. That creates an elite organisation.”

Activists are appointed

The programme concluded with the Resistance Movement’s Leader appointing new activists in the organisation, as well as giving out awards of honour to members who distinguished themselves in the fields of self-sacrifice and loyalty during recent times. Finally, the Nordic Man of the Year was chosen.

Nest Chief Jimmy Andersson is given an award of distinction

Afterwards there was the opportunity for socialising and accompanying troubadour music performed by Henrik Pihlström. Tired but very inspired, many comrades said it was by far the best Nordic Days in the Movement’s history.