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Nordic Days 2021: Fighting spirit and comradeship in a time of transition


NORDIC DAYS. Kristoffer Boström presents a personal report from his attendance at this year’s Nordic Days, including a detailed account of the speeches held at the event.

Nordic Days 2021 jogging

This year’s edition of Nordic Days took place following a period when the organisation was faced with both adversities and successes, and not just for the organisation itself but also for the nationalist movement as a whole. In this article I will present some choice topics and personal reflections from the 2021 edition of Nordic Days. If you’re looking for more comprehensive and objective account, make sure to read the official report from the scene.

The number of participants this year was high, although not the highest ever in the history of the event. However, the atmosphere and fighting spirit broke new records – in both my opinion and that of a number of other participants.

Another cause for celebration was the “Children’s Nordic Days” trend, which began in earnest last year and continued this year. Many of the children present were involved in various activities and had a splendid time. It was also gratifying to see a lot of nationalists from outside of the organisation choosing to participate.

Nordic Days 2021 kids' sports

Aside from the obvious things like the “Nordic Man of the Year” competition, the market and the many activities for children, Nordic Days 2021 was chiefly characterised by two weighty speeches that analysed the present condition of our struggle. The speeches were given by the organisation’s leader Simon Lindberg and by the radio chief and member of the National Council Fredrik Vejdeland. Both speeches, in different ways, touched upon the present stage of our struggle and the developments to come in the future.

Throughout Friday afternoon, long-distance guests started dropping in for some food and pleasant socialising before heading off to their tents, trailers and nearby comrades’ houses to charge their batteries for Saturday – the main day of Nordic Days with all of the activities. As for me, this was my fourth time at Nordic Days, and never previously did I have the opportunity to talk to so many people about so many things in such a profound way – even though I was busy with my involvement in the organising group.

Most of the participants arrived on Saturday morning, just in time for breakfast. The joy of once again meeting comrades one does not often get to see was visible on the faces of many participants. The location turned out to be perfectly proportional to the number of attendees, affording both “living space” and intimacy.

The Nordic Man of the Year competition

After breakfast, competitors and an excited audience went to a field near the venue to hold the annual Nordic Man of the Year competition. I myself was unfortunately forced to cancel my participation due to other duties, but I have been informed that it was conducted with vigour, honour, blood and sweat, and that it included rugby, a relay race, Nordic knife duels, wrestling, sledgehammer-throwing and boxing.

Nordic Days 2021 knife duel

For a more vivid account of the competition, I recommend taking a look at the photo gallery and the video from the event:

There was also a new activity for children this year – a kind of mini-Nordic Man competition, in which the youngsters competed in slingshot shooting, archery and a game dubbed “Pushing your opponent off a log”.

Nordfront 2.0

Nordfront’s chief editor Martin Saxlind presented and inaugurated the new and long-awaited Nordfront 2.0. The new version of the Nordfront website means that our Swedish news page Nordfront and our Swedish organisational webpage Motståndsrörelsen.se have been separated to a greater degree. Now you’ll find activism reports exclusively on our organisational webpage, while Nordisk Radio podcasts have likewise been moved away from Nordfront and are now only to be found at nordiskradio.se. The new version of Nordfront also features a drastically altered layout, making it easier for readers to get an overview of the content and find what they’re looking for.

Nordic Days 2021 presentation

Simon Lindberg: “To victory through struggle!”

For the first time at Nordic Days, Simon Lindberg’s speech was presented in a recorded format, as he was unable to attend and hold a live speech due to his partner giving birth. When the speech was played, the audience received the joyous message that the leader’s fourth child, a boy, had seen the light of day. Congratulations, Simon!

Nordic Days 2021 Simon Lindberg

In the introduction of the speech, Lindberg emphasised that some years had passed since the Resistance Movement and the nationalist movement overall had experienced a clear phase of growth.

The struggle goes in waves

The leader explained that the national struggle – when viewed from a micro-perspective – goes in waves, alternating between upturns and downturns, but that its curve is constantly going upwards if viewed over an extended period of time. Fertile ground for defeatism is created during periods of decline, and this poison tends to germinate and spread. Lately, said poison has been disseminated on nationalist podcasts and has led to the advancement of a harmful atmosphere.

You might come across comments like, “It’s too late to pull up multiculturalism by the roots” because Swedes are either “too stupid, brainwashed or lazy”. Or you might hear people say, “Why risk your job and personal safety for activism with goals that are impossible to achieve?”

According to the spokesmen for defeatism, we should “prepare to live our lives as a minority” and maybe even abandon Sweden and go to a country not equally afflicted by the globalist agenda instead of conducting activism.

Defeatist statements must be challenged

Lindberg made clear that statements like these must never be allowed to pass unchallenged. Defeatism always serves our enemy’s interests, no matter where it comes from. A temporary downturn in the optimism and spirit of a nationalist fighter can be tolerated on a personal level, but statements like those mentioned above are to be challenged regardless of who utters them. No matter who actually conveys these defeatist messages, their true origin is de facto from the enemy himself, who is trying to cause division and lower our fighting morale.

Everyone has moments of doubt once in a while, but, as Lindberg emphasised, we must never let defeatism define our actions and thoughts. Actively spreading defeatism yourself, or avoiding confronting statements that convey this poison, is to take part in the dissemination of a harmful atmosphere of defeat.

Simon said that the comment “It’s too late, we can never win” should not go unchallenged any less (or be met with different words) than a statement such as “I love homosexuals and Israel”.

National Socialism: A force of nature

As mentioned, the nationalist struggle goes in waves consisting of upturns and downturns. National Socialism is a force of nature, just like the law of gravity. If we give everything we’ve got, even during times of adversity, this force of nature will continue to yield new gains.

Seen from a broader perspective, the National Socialist struggle has gone through a number of upturns and downturns ever since its defeat in 1945 and its subsequent rebirth.

The defeatist here sees only a hopeless repetition of an eternal cycle – which is eventually doomed to fade away and be replaced with something else. His disloyalty blinds him and robs him of the ability to see the truth, namely that victory can only be reached by means of relentless struggle.

However, the enlightened National Socialist knows to take the honourable position, which will give him the correct perspective on the struggle over time. He is able to see that we are actually moving closer to victory with every upturn. From this perspective, it means that the central part of the rope in this tug-of-war is presently located slightly inside of enemy territory.

Here Lindberg reminded us of signs that the current period of decline within our struggle is actually close to its lowest point (or has possibly even passed it), and is therefore at a turning point.

Thereafter, rather than crippling defeatism, belief in victory will begin to grow inside the minds of nationalists. This will occur with the realisation that we are at the start of a new upturn, and that this success will grow even greater and longer in time, until victory is ours!

Fredrik Vejdeland: “The election year 2022 belongs to us”

Vejdeland stated at the start of his speech that the nationalist movement has been in a difficult position for the last few years. There have been no concerts or folk-traitor festivals such as Almedalen where we’re able to show up and discuss things with the general public. Corona restrictions have also made it difficult for us to hire premises and announce any meetings ahead of time.

Nordic Days 2021 Fredrik Vejdeland

As for the Resistance Movement, we were already at a stage of internal evolution before Corona struck. We have continued along this path, Vejdeland reminded us, at the same time as we have developed new forms of activism. A few large events per year are necessary for a nationalist organisation to have an opportunity to demonstrate its strength.

Aside from whether the Corona pandemic is planned or not, or who is benefiting from it, the fact remains that the powers that be have managed to use it to silence their opposition.

Vejdeland then described a dark course of events in a world where the enemy has advanced. Globalists have incited blacks against whites, but the white counter-reactions have been stopped. Unprecedented internet censorship has taken place, while supposedly pro-white politicians like Trump have had the time to expose their true nature and then fall.

Vejdeland stressed that this course of developments does not automatically signify a completely irredeemable situation. A great number of people are starting to question the power elites, as there are many unanswered questions. Such as:

  • Why are democratic regimes suddenly starting to care about the people’s well-being?
  • They talk about Corona-related deaths, but how many people have died of multiculturalism?
  • Why is Black Lives Matter exempt from Corona restrictions?
  • Why are politicians imposing restrictions on the population while they are going shopping and travelling during a “pandemic”?
  • What are the long-term consequences of social isolation? Mental illness? A more rapid ageing process?

Politicians cannot answer questions like these. As a result, they are becoming more and more despised with each passing day.

The last stages of a phase

Vejdeland believes that we are now in the last stages of the Corona period. New versions of this “plague” are constantly emerging, but he argued in his speech that reality is starting to catch up with the politicians.

People, companies, industries, sports clubs, states and nations have gradually started opening up shop again or have forced governments to accommodate their demands. This is Sweden’s present situation, according to Vejdeland.

Where the repression is fierce, massive demonstrations are taking place and paralysing society, as in France. A lot of companies have managed to flex their economic muscles during the Corona restrictions. In many cases, they are conducting major business that people wish to engage in, and it must be remembered that humans are social creatures.

Vejdeland said that he was not convinced that the restrictions will be able to continue much longer. A country like Sweden lacks the police resources necessary to maintain them. If the powers that be choose to use force of arms, an interesting situation will arise in which human nature will define the outcome.

White boys’ summer

Vejdeland stated that the summer of 2021 proves that when white people are no longer kept isolated, we dominate the rest of the world, even when we are at a significant numerical disadvantage. Here he reminded us of how internet meme-makers were once again right in their predictions, when they said that the summer of 2021 would be a “White Boy Summer”.

But, Vejdeland continued, in the summer of ’21, whites have unfortunately not fought back with force against assaults from blacks. Although they have responded by other means and on other levels.

In sports, whites have shown who is in charge. And it’s not just sports fans who enjoy it when whites win; nationalists in general (and National Socialists in particular) do too. Multicultural football teams have been used as an excuse for more mass immigration, more gang rapes and more genocide, but what can we learn from this summer’s sporting events?

  • Three of the four top European teams were almost entirely white (Denmark’s team was completely white).
  • A black gymnast suffered a mental breakdown after a failed first attempt at the summer Olympics.
  • Whites beat blacks in several running events, despite having supposedly inferior biological preconditions.
  • Scandinavians dominated in the triathlon, swimming and discus throwing.

Here Vejdeland pointed to research showing that whites are better than others at handling stress.

Four important legal victories in 2021

Our radio boss then brought up the four legal victories the Resistance Movement has won this year alone:

  • Nordfront defeated the Swedish Academy in the case concerning the right to publish quotes from classic works of literature on its website.
  • The Supreme Court ruled that Nordfront and other alternative media platforms have the same rights as traditional media to publish images of violence.
  • Tobias Lindberg helped out every politically incorrect hunter by taking his case of revoked gun permits all the way to the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden, where his appeal was upheld.
  • The participants in the Gothenburg demonstration of 2017 were acquitted of “collective hate speech”, which secured our right to demonstrate.

What do we take with us into the 2022 election year?

Vejdeland concluded that our most difficult period is behind us and that it’s time to look towards the future. He asserted that 2022 will be an eventful year, mostly because it’s an election year. That’s when people begin to get interested in political matters, and not just in the fake issues promoted by the eight establishment parties in Sweden. Meanwhile, popular contempt for politicians is reaching new heights.

Vejdeland explained that we need to use the energy from “white boy summer”, our legal victories and the knowledge that next year will bring us yet another new platform from which to operate – another platform where we can show that we’re a force to be reckoned with.

His speech ended with a few exhortations:

  • Nationalists in general should use next year’s election platform, whether they stand for election or not.
  • The final preparations for next year must start now and be completed during the remainder of 2021.
  • After the Christmas and New Year break, we will once again stand in line, ready to face the struggle in this decisive year!

Nordic Days 2021 audience

Reflections on both speeches

It felt like both speeches packed some extra punch at this year’s edition of Nordic Days, and I’ve talked to many people who felt exactly the same way. This was perhaps partly due to the fact that there were only two speeches. When the schedule is very tight and there are a lot of speeches, there is always a risk that the listeners won’t fully absorb everything.

But I also get the feeling that the words in this year’s speeches were exceptionally accurate. How do you confront possible scepticism and pessimism around you? It’s easy to say: ”Shoot the deserter!”, but it’s just as easy to shrug your shoulders and let the poison spread. It might be more difficult, but it’s a lot more rewarding to confront these arguments head-on and show there is a way forward via your own engagement.

It felt invigorating to be reminded that this little downturn for the nationalist movement these past few years is only temporary and insignificant from a long-term perspective. And by the way, downturn? The advancements we have made in previous years are still pretty much all there. And it occurred to me that a lot of ground has been gained during this “downturn” as well, just as Vejdeland was saying. Think of all the new forms our struggle is taking. Think of these four decisive legal victories this year alone.

As Lindberg said, it’s not just that the upturns are getting bigger each time, but that the downturns are also getting smaller.

The conclusion of this year’s Nordic Days

Saturday evening was spent with a much-appreciated troubadour performance by Stefan Viljehammar, free socialising and discussions, and consumption of alcoholic beverages by some. The participants started to cut loose as the evening progressed, with wrestling, dancing and sing-alongs with instrumental accompaniments taking place.

Nordic Days music performanceWith their batteries recharged with fighting spirit and comradeship, the attendees then began departing with their sights set on tomorrow’s struggle.

For my own part, this year’s Nordic Days turned out to be the most intense and rewarding so far. Most important of all were the new connections I made with comrades in the movement, and all the previous connections that were strengthened.

It was my first time being active in the organising group. At first I was worried I wouldn’t get a chance to talk to many people, but somehow it turned out to be the complete opposite. I talked a lot to comrades with whom I probably would not have had much contact otherwise. For me it was also two days with very little sleep, and I still don’t think I’m completely recovered yet. But was it worth it? Definitely!

To summarise this year’s Nordic Days in a more general sense, I’d like to pick two terms from the headline of this article: “fighting spirit” and “comradeship”. These words summed up the atmosphere itself during the gathering. That’s the main thing I take with me.

And the downturns? Isn’t a lot of that just in our heads? We don’t have the time to get bogged down in these things; we have important tasks ahead of us. And soon something big is going to happen!