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Nordic Days 2021


NORDIC DAYS. The Resistance Movement presents a report and video from this year’s Nordic Days.

On the weekend starting Saturday, 14 August, members and supporters of the Nordic Resistance Movement gathered in Västmanland in Nest 8 for 2021’s Nordic Days.

The event began on Saturday morning, with the crowd of participants growing larger and larger during breakfast. At 10 a.m., everyone was welcomed and Nordic Days 2021 was officially declared open. The first event on the schedule after the inauguration was the pentathlon.

Nordic Days 2021 joggingThe participants were divided into teams, which then competed against one another in various disciplines. The first event was team wrestling. Two teams lined up against each other at a time, so everyone had an opponent to wrestle with. When one person had been pinned down and put in a headlock, the winner could help his teammates until all of the opposition team had been defeated.

Nordic Days 2021 knife fightingThe teams then competed in rugby, hammer throwing, a piggy-back relay race and a Nordic knife fight. Afterwards, the members of the winning team had to compete against one another in the individual disciplines, the first of which were push-ups and pull-ups. Finally, the pentathlon was decided by a boxing match.

Nordic Days 2021 sports competitionWhile the pentathlon was taking place, the children participated in their own competitions, which included jousting atop a platform.

Nordic Days 2021 kids' sportsFollowing the pentathlon, all of the hungry competitors came back to the venue to enjoy a well-earned meal.

Nordic Days 2021 dessertNordfront editor-in-chief Martin Saxlind then took to the stage with IT manager Max Rosenfors to present important news about Nordfront.se. They announced that the site has been updated with a much more stylish design, which was unveiled onstage. In addition, they introduced the Nordfront Forum, a new internet platform for free discussion without censorship from the system.

Nordic Days 2021 Martin SaxlindThe next event was a pre-recorded speech by Simon Lindberg. In the speech, Lindberg explained that unfortunately he could not attend Nordic Days this year, but that he had a very good reason: namely that he was about to become a father again. He continued the speech by describing how periods of success and decline come and go in waves in the struggle. He said that it’s easy and fun to fight when things are going well, but that we must also endure and continue to fight when times are bad – and that it is through this struggle and loyalty that we will eventually win. Additionally, he spoke about how expressions of defeatism always serve as expressions of hostility and should be responded to as such.

Nordic Days 2021 market decorationNext up was the market, which was held for the third year in a row. All manner of nationalist-themed products were on sale, as well as items that had been made by members and other visitors. This included books, music, decorations, clothes, jewellery, NS antiques, honey, toys, hairdressing services and much more. The Resistance Movement is well on its way to creating a culture of self-production and internal trade.

Nordic Days 2021 marketAfter the market, various items were auctioned off for the benefit of the Prisoner Help programme, which aids our imprisoned comrades. Just like the auction at last year’s Nordic Days, some generous role models chose to buy an item, only to donate it back to the auction immediately so it could be sold again.

Nordic Days 2021 auction itemAfter dinner had been served, the winner of the Nordic Man of the Year competition was announced, to the applause of the audience. Fredrik Vejdeland, from the organisation’s national leadership, then held a speech.

Vejdeland’s speech elaborated on his article “A strong minority trumps a weak majority”. At one point, he explained that even if the current direction of society appears bleak, there are also bright points, such as the Resistance Movement’s many legal victories. Additionally, he cited how the repression exhibited by the system in response to the organisation’s progress has led to more people questioning the system today than ever before.

Nordic Days was concluded with socialising and an evening troubadour performance. After a very successful day of community activities, with strengthened comradeship and many new contacts made, everyone started heading home again, some early and others in the small hours of the morning.

Nordic Days 2021 Fredrik Vejdeland