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Nordic Days 2022


EVENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement held this year’s Nordic Days event in Sweden’s Nest 2 on Saturday 30 July.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nordic Days 2022 relay race

On a warm, sunny summer’s day, members and sympathisers made the pilgrimage with their children from all corners of the North to a farm in the forests in Dalsland, southwest Sweden, to enjoy a full day of folk community together.

People began arriving at the site the preceding evening, with even more coming on Saturday morning. The event then began with the host Samuel Johansson bidding everyone welcome and running through the schedule for the day.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nordic Days 2022 host

The first point on the agenda was the prestigious Nordic Man of the Year competition. The participants were divided into small teams that would compete against one another in four different events. The first event was a relay race, with the runner carrying a comrade on his back. Everyone in the team would be carried once, and the team that finished first won the event.

Meanwhile, the children went on a nature quiz walk.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nordic Days 2022 tug-of-war

The second event was a traditional tug-of-war, while the third event involved everyone in the team carrying a large, heavy rock as far as they could. The last of the team events was hammer throwing.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nordic Days 2022 weightlifting

The winning team went through to the final, where the team members had to compete against one another in individual disciplines. The first of these was a standing press exercise, with the weight becoming heavier and heavier each round. This was followed by a competition to do the most burpees in two minutes.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nordic Days 2022 boxing

It was then time for the final between Jerry Olsson from Nest 7 and Nicklas Norling from Nest 5, who met each other in a boxing match. The audience watched excitedly as the advantage shifted several times during the bout. Finally Norling emerged victorious, winning the title of Nordic Man of the Year for the second time in his life.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nordic Days 2022 boxing

After the competition, the attendees ate lunch, before Nicklas Norling was crowned Nordic Man of the Year and awarded some very nice prizes.

Nicklas Norling Nordic Man of the Year 2022

The next item on the schedule was a debate between Pär Öberg and a representative from Alternative for Sweden, in which they would discuss their positions on issues such as the race question, the Jewish question, and revolution versus reactionary reform. Or, that was the hope, at least. The debate did not take place because, for unknown reasons, Alternative for Sweden have not yet responded to the formal invitation to a debate they received the previous Monday.

Pär Öberg speaks at Nordic Days 2022

As the debate was not forthcoming, there was more time for the yearly market instead. Under bright sunshine, the visitors had the opportunity to buy all kinds of exciting items, including old books from the 1940s, ornaments with National Socialist and ancient Aryan symbols, CDs of nationalist music, clothes and homemade cakes.

Nordic Resistance Movement Nordic Days 2022 market CDsNordic Resistance Movement Nordic Days 2022 market books

Next it was time for the children to compete in their own pentathlon. When this was over, most of the children played together outdoors, while the adults gathered inside the venue to hear a speech by the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg. Lindberg spoke about the election this autumn and listed ten reasons why someone should vote for the Nordic Resistance Movement. Among other things, he responded to the argument about tactical voting and explained why there is no sensible reason to “vote tactically” for a larger party.

Simon Lindberg speaks at Nordic Days 2022

After Lindberg’s speech, the attendees ate grilled meat with potato gratin for dinner. Later in the evening, there was an auction, with items being sold to raise funds for the Prisoner Help initiative. The evening was rounded off with a live music performance by a troubadour.

Nordic Days 2022 food

This brought this year’s Nordic Days to a close, and people began heading home; however, some stayed the whole evening and even overnight to continue socialising, before setting off.

Troubadour playing guitar

More reports on Nordic Days 2022, including a photo report and videos, will be published in the coming days.