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Nordic Voice #2: Hitting the streets of Copenhagen


NORDIC VOICE. Here is the second episode of our new pan-Nordic activist podcast Nordic Voice!

In this episode we have already lost two of our six permanent panelists because the struggle simply need more than words, and on this specific evening, our Finnish and Icelandic comrades are out on secret missions…

Although we have with us:

  • Out stable host Max – who is a Nazi just because he’s German?
  • Our Swedish activist Julius – who is recruiting Asians like there is no tomorrow?
  • The Norwegian Andreas – who has become a camera thief?
  • Even if our Icelandic comrade Frank didn’t make it for the entire show, he still managed to say hello at the end – only for your sake!
  • Last but not least, we have our Danish comrade Kristian – who has helped the Danish police to dust off their Molotov police vans?