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Organisation Days 2023


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Resistance Movement’s annual Organisation Days event took place on the first weekend of March, this time in Dalarna, under the slogan “A Stronger Force”.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 Lukas Lindgren speech

This year’s edition of Organisation Days was organised by Sweden’s Nest 5 and featured seminars, speeches and a boxing tournament. The format followed that of previous years, with a focus on the individual member.

After attendees from all corners of the North had arrived at the venue, the emcee Lukas Lindgren bid everyone welcome. The running order for the weekend was presented, and the participants were told to keep an eye on the schedules that were posted around the venue to ensure they didn’t miss anything.

Shortly afterwards, the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, took to the stage. Lindberg went over the meaning of the theme of the weekend – A Stronger Force – and explained that the whole movement must become a stronger force in many ways if it is to succeed in its goal of uniting the Nordic countries. He also stated that a lot of focus would be put on the most literal interpretation of the slogan, with a goal being set for the organisation as a collective to be in 100% better physical shape in 2023.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 - Simon Lindberg speech
The leader explains the theme of the weekend

The first presentation of the day was then given by National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland, titled “Training As Propaganda”. The National Socialist trinity of mind, body and soul are what is needed in the struggle. The members of the organisation must become better at training and competing with one another, and Vejdeland listed several positive changes that occur in a person who starts training for the first time. We must create toughness in the organisation by sharing pain with one another through training.

The second presentation of the day was given by Andreas Holmvall. The first part of the talk dealt with what propaganda actually is and how the movement utilises it to reach people with our message. The second part went over the three different areas Resistance Media works in – photography, graphics and video – and showcased some of the best examples produced over the last year. An increasing challenge of propaganda distribution in recent years has been people’s deteriorating capacity for concentration, which means a video should preferably not be longer than 15-30 seconds to have a real impact.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 - Andreas Holmvall speech
Andreas Holmvall gives a talk about media

Afterwards it was time for representatives from Norway and Denmark to take the stage. First up was Tommy Olsen – Chief of the Norwegian branch – who spoke about how being an active National Socialist may cost time and money, but that the choice is between that or living a life as an obedient lapdog to the repressive system. He also spoke about nationalists who understand our situation but who still spread defeatism and advocate toothless alternatives, describing them as a cowardly internal enemy whose behaviour can never be excused.

Next was Joakim Johansen, a Nest Chief from Denmark. He briefly reported on the restructuring that has recently taken place in Denmark, adding that the struggle continues unabated. Greetings were also sent from both Finland and Iceland via letters, which were read aloud to the audience.

It was then time for lunch, which consisted of goulash with various side dishes. Thanks to the excellent planning, the weekend was stress-free, with everyone having plenty of time between the various activities, the next of which was workshops.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 food
Saturday lunch is served to hungry comrades

Awaiting the well-fed comrades were two 60-minute sessions, with ten different workshops to choose from. Here the attendees could improve their knowledge of everything from PGP encryption, image editing and public speaking, to more practical things such as self-defence with a flagpole or against knife attacks, and how to build a fire.

When both hours had come to an end, the organisers made preparations for what was possibly the most anticipated activity of the weekend: the boxing tournament. In contrast to last year, the whole competition was divided into two different weight classes, with three medals awarded in each class.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 boxing
One of many intense boxing matches

After some sweaty and intense battles, activist Marcus Hansson from Nest 3 was victorious in the lightweight event, closely followed by another activist from Nest 3 and an activist from Denmark in third place. In the heavyweight event, things were even fiercer, with a bloodied Anders Gudmarsson coming third after a very even match against Pär Sjögren, who finished in third place after meeting Martin Saxlind in the final.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 boxing trophy
Pär Sjögren presents the trophy to the new winner

While the boxing matches were being fought, the kitchen team prepared a dinner of spaghetti bolognese, which was served to the tired comrades shortly after the competition. Those who did not stay behind and chat too long in the dining room also had the opportunity to buy items from the various sales tables that had been set up.

After the dinner plates had been cleared away, it was time for the awards ceremony. It was not just the fighters from the boxing tournament who were honoured with prizes, but also the candidates who fought in the election campaign, all of whom were met with resounding applause. Finally, new activists were appointed, and a former responsible publisher for Motståndsrörelsen.se was thanked with her own prize.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 awards
Some of the election candidates receive a prize

Lastly, it was time for the leader of the Resistance Movement to say a few closing words about the successful day. Lindberg spoke about how the Resistance Movement can achieve so much more than the usual democratic parties, despite its incredibly low financial resources and its comparatively smaller size at present. Yet in spite of these disadvantages – and without any increase in resources or manpower – it can still become an even stronger force than it is now.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 - Simon Lindberg speech
Simon Lindberg delivers a powerful closing speech

Nationalists the world over look up to us as an example, and the system wastes a huge amount of resources on us because they are terrified we will grow larger. They can surveil us, harass us, imprison us, but…


They will never kill our fanaticism!

The speech concluded with a standing ovation, in true National Socialist fashion.

With that, the emcee declared Saturday over, and after a long and rewarding day, everyone went to bed.

The wake-up call was at 7.30 Sunday morning, but most of the participants had already gotten up earlier and headed to the dining hall for breakfast.

With everyone full and content, the first activity of the day began: a “meeting” with the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Swedish National Council.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 leadership panel
The National Council presents important news and changes

Here the attendees could hear important information about what will happen in the organisation in the near future, while many more practical directives and news on the theme “A Stronger Force” were explained in several stages. Afterwards, all the members left the room so the Resistance Movement’s activists could ask questions and discuss ideas with the National Council in a more private setting.

Nordic Resistance Movement Organisation Days 2023 - Hampus Maijala speech
Hampus Maijala speaks passionately on the subject of training

Up next was a talk about bodyweight training by Nest Chief Hampus Maijala. Maijala covered many important basics of the concept and how to get the most from a workout with no normal weights or equipment, as well as going through a demonstration video featuring many example exercises.

With the last activity of the weekend over, the emcee thanked everyone for coming and also thanked those who helped organise the event and make it so successful. Afterwards, the comrades said their farewells and headed back to their respective Nests around the North, filled with even more fighting spirit than before!