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Our Path translated to Russian and Icelandic


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Our Path, the political programme of the Nordic Resistance Movement, has been translated into two more languages – Russian and Icelandic.

Our Path covers in Russian and Icelandic
L–R: The Icelandic and Russian covers of Our Path

The translations mean the publication can now be read in seven languages, having already been available in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and English.

Subtitled “New Politics for a New Time”,  Our Path outlines the Nordic Resistance Movement’s nine core principles in depth, giving readers a thorough insight into the organisation’s ideology and policies.

The programme was originally written in Swedish in 2015 and was later translated to Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and English. The Icelandic translation means it is now available in all the major Nordic languages.

Nordfront has been in contact with the leader of the Resistance Movement Simon Lindberg for comment regarding the news. Speaking of the Icelandic translation, he said:

“It’s fantastic that we are officially active in five different countries where we are fighting together towards the same goal – one worded in a publication that differs only in its language. I think that’s unique anywhere in the world.”

Nordfront also asked Simon if we can expect any more translations of Our Path in the future and what the aim is of translating it into languages like English and Russian.

“More translations are already being worked on. Although they take time and are not a high priority at the moment, I believe we will have Our Path translated to even more languages within a few years,” he said.

“The reason is quite simply that we hope to inspire others with our struggle and help popularise a modern National Socialism. With some adaptations, Our Path could serve as the manifesto for political movements across large parts of the world.”

You can read the English version of Our Path here.